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I’m sorry you are feeling this way. I have definitely felt that in the past and it’s an awful way to feel. I can reassure you it’s not going to last forever though. It is a temporary time for you, and you will find your way back to feeling connected again. Has something triggered these feelings for you (like did something happen in your life)? If so, it might help to process or deal with that. Either way, let me make some suggestions, feel free to try what you’d like from them. It would be overwhelming to do everything, just try some of them. I’m sure you are already doing some of these.

I have found that one of the biggest influencers of helping us feel inspired and connected to God again is finding sadhsangat. Finding Gurmukhs who are so passionate about Sikhi that you cannot help feeling that same way. One of the ways I found new sangat was going to visit my amritdhari relatives and attending simran classes with them, but you could try your local Gurdwara or camps. You could try connecting with people who you know are inspiring and perhaps you haven’t reached out to in a while. Try to spend as much time with them as possible. Do Ardas asking God for the blessing of meeting these Gurmukhs.

You could also start doing sewa somewhere, either in the Gurdwara Sahib or somewhere in the community. It helps us feel like we are making a worthwhile contribution in the world and makes us feel good again. Help out around the house. Connecting to other people (social connection) while we are doing sewa, can also help us feel more connected in life.

Obviously Gurbani and Simran is our cure to all our ailments and cannot be emphasized enough. It can be hard to get the mind to focus on simran. I find it easier if I get my family involved, or put on a tape. The website has voice recordings of simran if you are looking for some. Try to understand the Gurbani itself, read the translations.

Another suggestion is listening to kathas which are really inspiring. I like listening to ones where they speak in English and punjabi personally, because not only am I getting the message twice, but I also tend to pay more attention. There are tons of kathas on youtube. You could also try reading some books. It is inspiring when we read stories about people who were in their worst times and still didn’t give up, or people who transformed their lives through the power of Gurbani.

Lastly, speak to Guru Ji. Speak to Guru Ji by doing Ardas, and listen to the hukamnama you get. Understand what Guru Ji is telling you in that Hukamnama. I have dissolved many of my personal fears, pains, etc. through this. If you are looking for specific shabads visit All of Gurbani is healing, but they provide specific shabads to help build people’s faith and start their journey to healing and learning more Gurbani. Their English and Punjabi or Hindi Guides with the Shabads (7 shabads can be found at the end of the guide) can be found at