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1- Our Guru ji asked us to. Sikhs have a distinct appearance so you can easily differentiate us from a Muslim or a Hindu. We have a duty to care for others and uphold righteousness, so if a person sees a Sikh of the Guru they know they can be trusted.

2 - Numbers don't really matter. Sikhs have been oppressed since our inception mainly by Hindu and Muslim governments who felt threatened by us, at one point due to the Mugals we lost over half of our population. Also Sikhs do not have a home country whereas Hindus have India and Islam having many, hence another factor which prevents us from spreading.

3 - Sikhs do preach their religion when the British saw how powerful Punjab was in terms of warriors and spirits, the British actively pursued to prevent us from preaching our religion and since then has stuck. But due to recent changes in western countries, Sikhs have begun to preach again and has proven really effective.

4 - You seem to have confused Punjabis and Sikhs. In the UK where I'm from, 90% of sexual grooming cases of underage girls involve Muslim gangs, also if we look at terror attacks many are conducted by Muslim groups. Now I can use your methodology of judging a whole religion based on a few people and say the quality of Muslims is also not pure. But are these people representative of Islam?

5 - Maybe you should do some research on Sikhs outside of Punjab. Sikhs in the UK are the second most secure financial group in the UK, the most charitable and has the lowest crime rate in the whole of the UK.

6 - Same for every religion else where for example,

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh