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It's not about belief. It's not about faith. It's about experience.

Are you willing to go through a little experiment with me?

First let me ask you a question. Are you breathing?


Okay... so now stop breathing. Go ahead... stop breathing.

How's it going?

No, just stop.

What happened. Could you stop?

Well then, who is breathing ? If it were you, then you could just stop any time at will. But you can't. That's because it's not YOU who's breathing. It's the God in you. What about when you sleep at night? Do you have to wake up every minute to breathe? No? Well then, when you are unconscious, who's breathing?

See? There is a force greater than you that gives you life.

If you want to connect to God, do it through your breath. Do simran with your breath and understand what this breath actually is. It's a gift. It's a gift from the One in everyONE.