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You have to meditate so that you develop the habit to go within and tune in to your intuition. After this becomes a regular practice, then it is easy to access your intuition in everyday situations.

One of the most powerful methods to get your intuition working is to consciously slow down your breathing.

When we consciously lower the frequency of breaths per minute, we encourage great benefits. Normally, men breathe at a rate of 16-18 cycles per minute: women breathe at 18-20 cycles per minute.

8 cycles per minute

Feeling more relaxed. Relief from stress and increased mental awareness. Parasympathetic nervous system begins to be influenced. Healing processes are elevated.

4 cycles per minute

Positive shifts in mental function. Intense feelings of awareness, increased visual clarity, heightened body sensitivity. Pituitary and pineal begin to coordinate at an enhanced level producing a meditative state.

1 cycle per minute ("One-Minute Breath")

20 seconds to inhale 20 seconds hold 20 seconds to exhale

Gives optimized cooperation between the brain hemispheres, dramatic calming of anxiety, fear, and worry together with openness to feeling one's presence and the presence of spirit. Intuition develops. The whole brain works - especially the old brain and the frontal lobes of the hemispheres.