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First of all you need to know the difference between Sikhs and Punjabis. Sikhs are a faith, religion having certain fixed religious practices like any other organized religion on this Earth which each and every Sikh ought to follow but Punjabi is a language. Any person be it Sikh, Hindu, Moslem, Christan, or even Jain who hails from the Indian Province of Punjab or the Pakistani Province of Punjab is referred to as a Punjabi.

Majority of the Sikhs living in the world are Punjabis but that doesn't mean each and every Sikh in the world is a Punjabi. There is a small percentage of Sikhs in India and abroad too who are non-Punjabis.

Now, to your question of going to parties and alcohol. There is nothing wrong in going to parties but yes, Sikhism strictly prohibits Sikhs from taking alcohol and party drugs. A true Sikh must be completely Keshadhari having uncut bodily hairs from Top to Toe of his/her body.