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Lasers are just another cutting tool which uses a light beam instead of a blade. It's just cutting off your hairs with a different, and more dangerous, tool - ever smelled burning hair?

The issue isn't your hair. The issue is your relationship with your hair. Work on the relationship, because this goes deeper. It's really about insecurity.

There are three pitfalls that commonly trap every woman:


when you compare yourself to other women (usually infavourably;) when you compete with other women for attention and when you develop the habit to complain, these will destroy your grace, elevation and self-esteem.

You are Guru Ji's beautiful daughter. You gave your head and he accepted you into his service just as you are. What could possibly be needed now? Relax, look in the mirror, smile and breathe deeply. See in yourself what he sees in you, not the insanity of a modern society that constantly judges women.

You are YOU. Be that.

Life in your courage, strength, power and grace. Let your smile be shining and your words be sweet and true.