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i am so dissapointed by the comment by a guest that sword is not our god? u should think over this :-

Khalsa ,a sikh worships the sword and keeps it with him as it signifies that he/she has tied the death and lives with it (lives in peace with the fact that death is the actual reality-life is but a dream ) death is the reality,sikhs have victory over the fear of death -through their life of pious actions,pure thought and conduct . Sword gives mental strength ,emotional strength ,sikhs are in tune with the truth . Sword is not just the visible form ,but it has such symbolism that one cannot imagine untill waheguru ji blesses .being a servant of that great almighty and i will try to explain . sword is the manifestation of the almighty :- The sword of knowlegde that cuts through ignorance The sword of justice that cuts through the unjust ,the unfair The sword of punishment that cuts through the crime and the evil The sword of words that cuts through darkness and spreads light The sword of compassion ,kindness and love that cuts through hatred,anger ,jealousy The sword of results that follow actions,punishes the evil and rewards the good The sword that purifies and ends all evil The sword of waheguru ji which when works ,gives u a new life ,cuts through all your past mistakes,deeds,pardoning completely and giving a new start . The sword that is the symbol of the truth,the reality,purity, -and the power to change ,forgive,give,in an instant.