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My comment is in response to the edited message. It seems to me, by your comments that you are a devout Sikh. Hence, you must know the history of our Sache Patsha Guru Govind Sing Ji. In my personal opinion He was the greatest soul that came down to earth and witnessed the sacrifice of his father, Guru Tegh Bahadurji,the martyrdom of his 4 sons and Mata Gujri. He penned the awsome 'Jaap Sahib'. Please read the translation if you haven't. Now, do you sincerely believe that this Mahan Soul wrote all the other stuff that purports to be written by him? Especially the Charitrapakhiyan!!!! Incomprehensible that you could believe that of Guru Govind Singh!!! What with all the wars going on, with the Guruji either preparing for war, training his Singh's for war, initiating sikhs to Singhs, holding darbar, dealing with the administrative duties, he took time out to write a sex manual??? Also, none of these writings are on the lives of any of the Gurus, whose footsteps he was following, but all about Ram and Krishna and Chandigarh, and of course the Charitrapakhiyan, the sex manual. None of the so called scholars who claim it to be the experts and lay this at Guru Govind Singh's door have proven that it is the Guru's handwriting. Most important, these writings suddenly came into existence some 70-80 years after Guruji leaving this bana. My friend think with your heart and don't listen to propaganda of he ones who are not concerned with the wellbeing of the Sikh religion.I could go on but space is short. Whaheguru ji Khalsa waheguru Ji fates!