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Even in Sikhism there are prayers that can help us gain strength ... There are so many things that go around that belief is something that is always different for each individual in the family.. I feel that if you feel something is going on due to black magic or any thing relating to that just do Amrit wela path ...You can do Jabji sahib and chaupayi sahib as doing this path helped me a lot ...I personally went through a lot and even though I am a sikhni I beleive in few of these things......Before I was born my mom witnessed something very strange ...a long hand from the window of the house from outside and my Dad became unconscious....My mom just started praying Sukhmani Sahib path and things got sorted ....That thing never came back again.....Now few people may take it as a bad dream or a story but that was something that was experienced and only the person experiencing will know...Anyways the point is prayers and belief will always help to overcome the obstacles let it be natural or unnatural...:)

Hope this helps