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I don't think so that he will ever stand for me. I just need some help to overcome this thing. I really wanna end this pain. U have no idea how much I cry everyday. No one ever made me cry this much and I don't want to cry but I feel like I can't control it. I hope I made my point?

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My concern is that either he stands for his love which he says it's me else he can spend his life with her. But how do I overcome him? Most of the time I'm thinking of him. What should I do to move on? I can barely do pAth now, Everytime I do pAth I start crying like hell. I want to finish this pain

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What r u saying. These r like way future things. At present what he told me is that he love me but he can't leave her cuz she have no one in canada. She came all the way for him. Which is understandable.

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Hi, I understand ur point of view which is correct. But the thing is how do I overcome him? I cannot stop thinking of him. He still says he love me but he is with her cuz she have no one here in Canada. It's getting really hard for me to overcome him and forget him. What should I do to forget him?

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Well it seems to be a bit complicated situation that your heart says u cannot live without him buy your mind says that his salary won't help.

Here is fact about love that when u start getting double thoughts about someone u love or when u get confused and start thinking whether u can survive with them, that's an indication that the love is fading.

There are 2 things either u can get a job and help him financially and u 2 can get settled in this ways u 2 will be together or u can break up and start looking for a guy who have nice salary and background. Like the person u what to marry.

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I'm 23 years old and live in canada. Long story short. I feel in love with a guy who recently moved to canada and was a pr. Things were working absolutely fine between us like ko fights nothing. One days he told me that his old gf is back and he wants to give her a chance. We broke up. I was broken by that time . Did alot of path ND ardasan and later on I came across that they was double dating both of us while she was in india. He always wanted her to move to canada but later on when she moved here he realized that he still love me.

They r in live in together, things are working on and off between them. Sometimes he comes to me by saying that he don't want to be with her and then later they would decide that they want to give each other another Chance. At this point I'm feeling like a toy.

I'm loosing it faith, trust and hope in god. I'm going through all this from almost 3 months and don't have the courage to continue it anymore I feel like giving up on live . I want help to over come him, and all this thing.

Is there any way if I can still get him back else how can I overcome him?

What should I do? What path should I do? God is actually there to her?