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2019-06-04 12:38:05 -0500 asked a question What do i do now ???

I have been super nice to people but not appreciated. I used to be a plain blunt. But nowadays,i care for what people feel. I be nice. And i think it's not worth it. Is it fine if i start being a plain blunt? A lil rude? I don't use bad words. I mean like,straight foward? Whenever I'm nice,people take advantage of it. Just because i hardly get mad. What do i do?

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2019-06-01 02:10:12 -0500 asked a question Why? I am confused. Pls help

Wjkk wjkf

Why can't we get pregnant from kisskng for a really long time & hugging really thight? I kissed & hug my boyfriend for 45 minutes. I am confused & need explanation. Why can't we get pregnant from these?

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2019-05-31 12:17:29 -0500 asked a question Is this weird or it's fine?

Wjkk wjkf

I go to gurdwara before my work starts so like when i walk to 'matha tekh',i stand infront of guru grant sahib for at least 2 mins. I pray. Is this ok? Or is is weird bcs i am standing there for too long?

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2019-05-30 01:08:28 -0500 asked a question Can i get pregnant by this?

I broke up with my boyf yesterda for some reasons. I am wondering if i can get pregnant by these : 1) We kissed for 5 minutes+. 2) We hugged alot. A really long hug. 3) He kissed my neck. 4) Hold hands. 5) We rubbed bodies with clothes on.

Can i get pregnant from these? I really need an anwser.

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2019-05-19 23:21:22 -0500 asked a question Can this cause HIV?

WJKK WJKF. I really need an explanation. Can kissing a guy for more than 5 minutes get me HIV or AIDS? I kissed a guy for more than five minutes. So can i get HIV/aids? ( we never had sex )