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Extremely dangerous this Sin.

You must first recognize that it is not a mere emotion or non living entity. Kaam is a real Evil Force that is classified in some beliefs as a head demonic entity that has control over this power. It is based in one of the extreme lower realms of Hell and is responsible for dragging many many souls to the dammed. You must not give it an inch. It is a potent killer of souls that is being used intensely by Kalyug to bring down mankind.

You must wear the full Armour of of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This evil does not even attempt to come to a soul that is doing simran as the Naam is supreme. The five evils fear God and his divine name. Watch what you eat as Kaam is attached to all meats and you can understand why alcohol is called Wines and SPIRITS!!!!!

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There are many paths to the Supreme Creator. Christianity is one and Sikhism is another. However....In Kalyug this Iron Age the path that practices the Divine Naam is supreme. Gods Name alone created the Known Universe. Guru Nanak Sahib was bestowed with Gods Name Personally by the Creator so I'm pretty sure The Great Jesus Christ would not mind one bit which path you take as long as you worship and love his supreme Lord God. Jesus Christ's church is true path to God but many Christians have failed as The Devil increases in power over time. Times are going to be more challenging until the end of this terrible age so my advise is The Naam should be your protector against all evils. There is no need to respond to much to your parents. You must only say. There are many paths to the Supreme God Father and I am taking this one mom/dad. If the Lord did not wanted me to become a sikh, by his command I would have not found THE Graet Guru.