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Thanks Guruka Singh babaji for your kind words i have been trying a lot but "i am the lowest of low ; an evil thing" has permeated into my mind and i end up cursing myself everytime

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I am suffering from guilt and depression from past few months. I had made a lot of mistakes in past 6 yrs, never realized them earlier. Now I have the realization, and it seems to me that I am an obnoxious weed in my surroundings and even in the world..i shouldn't live any longer. Though I won't commit suicide, because its the biggest sin one can ever commit...but I pray to Waheguruji plz don't let me live any longer I have started Naam simran from past few months and I have now started doing Sehaj Paath also. I have bowed infront of Guru sahib and asked for forgiveness and I have sought forgiveness from every one I thought I have hurt either in person or mentally yet I don't feel relieved. I just can't digest that I had fallen so low, I have hurt so many people with my harsh words, I have been into false judgments,slandering people and much more I didn't know what I am doing. But now I have realized how badly I have pierced so many hearts. I had never thought I m so bad. I am not able to accept this aspect of mine and I can't forgive myself what should I do?

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Thanku bhenji for posting ur problem here. Most of us suffer from this issue at one point or the other. Yes, I agree with Sangatji's views here. The veil created by Maya and 5 vikaars keeps us away from Parmatma. Its the "nadar" of Lord by which we can remember Him ,do Simran, read Gurbani and contemplate on it. All we have to do his keep His fear alive in our hearts. Fear Only Lord and nothing else. Pray to Him. Surely He will save you from 5 thieves within us