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2014-06-30 05:30:31 -0500 answered a question Confused sikh

Bro im not amrit shak i dont have beard i dont have kase (hair) and neither do my parents, eveyday of my life i get really sad that my parents didnt make me religious im 15 years old and i got into sikhi last year trust me bro i know its really hard doing this but u have to stay strong i know u dont want to hear the same lecture over and over again but what good is a girlfriend, imagin it this way ur going to be messing around with someone elses wife i morn everyday that i was born into a more sikhi aware family. Everytime i walk into a gurdwara i feel ashamed. I dont know how to face guru granth sahib ji . Trust me its the worst feeling in the world i just cant wait till i have the readyness to be a singh ur lucky u still have a beard and hair im a disgrace i dont think you would want to be one as well. Trust me man dont cut ur hair in what face are u going to do darshan of the ten gurus i know im a screw up but doesnt mean u have to be. Dont care what people say do what is right just keep ur hair and do nitnem watch u will have the most beautyful wife in the world just please bro please dont cut ur hair