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2012-02-07 07:41:12 -0500 asked a question Bring back belief in God for my mum

Hi I am a sikh guy and I am in my early forties.

When I was 12 my Father passed away from Cancer and at the time this really affected my family. It affected my mum more mentally and it was me and my sister who tried to keep things together. All of us then started reading gurbani hoping it will give us peace and this did help us and including my mum. At the age of 16 my sister also passed away from a condition known as Clostridium difficile, again we turned to Gurbani for help and support. Since I was 16 both me and my mum have been working hard to deal with the financial pressures like bills and mortgagee. Also as I am not very good looking I have not been able to get married or have any sort of relationship with a female. I could see my mum has been getting upset year by year when girls would reject me. One Giani once told me that if Wahaguru has written marriage in my destiny then I will get it. I have tried to explain this to my mum that not everyone is blessed with Marriage and children. But over the past few years my mum says she has lost all beleif in god. She wil not read or listen to shabad or go to the Gudwara. She says she has seen many of my cousins and other people who have led sinful lifes with smoking, drinking gambling etc and they are all happily married with children and have high paid jobs.

I understand her frustration because I do feel like this to some days, like why where my Dad and sister taken from us, why even after working so hard that I am not able to earn aot of money to help in financial pressures. Plus I do also think there must be something wrong with me as I have been rejected from marriage proposals for over 30 years now. I listen to shabad to help me in this. Is there a way for me to help my mum to bring back belief in god within her.