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doc k paas to pehle hi jaa chuki hu. medicine lekr vo thik bhi ho gya hai...per khana pina bilkul chod diya hai. khush rehta hai. khelta rehta hai per smjh nhi aa rha khata pita kyun nhi. iske liye bhi doc k paas jaaun??

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baba ji, from last 5-6 days my baby is unwell. at first he got high fever. i gave medicine then his fever has gone. next day at night, he fell down from bed and got lots of pain. cried a lot. then he got lots of cough cold congestion. and now i m giving him medicines to recover. but he is refusing everything. he is not eating his food, milk, water, medicine anything. like he is having phobia to look at any spoon or bowl and rany away from me that he doesn't want to eat anything or drink anything. milk was his favourite drink. but he is refusing everything. my baby is 20 months old. since he came into this world. he loves to drink milk and eat food. he never refused anything whether he liked it or not. but now he is refusing each and everything. if i tried hard he cried a lot and just push bowl, spoon or bottle. he was not like this before. but what's wrong now. i tried everything to make him eat food or drink anything but he is not taking at all. you are my only hope baba ji. you gave me my son after doing the parikrama of shri bangla sahib gurudwara and all the blessings of shri hazur sahib sachkhand gurudwara. please bless my baby. that he will recover soon and eat everything. please please bless him. i am in a big tension. if he will not eat or drink anything he will become weak. I am so worried for my little one. please i beg kya karun baba ji

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Satnam shri waheguru