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I Did not believe in super natural think until I my self experience 3 mouth Ago in morning my got epilepsy Attack get take them to hospital after the attack my mother discuss about the getting bad dreams from last weak with us in one of them dream A girl was said to sister "you Grandfather was calling you" (my grand father was passaway 13 years ago) I also get some bad dreams but I ignore it's. After 20 days she Get one more epilepsy attack we take to hospital on next day she Get More attack.(bad dreams was continually coming) we decided to change the doctor we take Them in other hospital in 3 days she Get 4 epilepsy Attack after some days discharge from hospital and come to home after one weak she get one more attack doctor was confused why medicine was not working and increase the dose our neighbours and relative Suggest to ask about This from "Pandit or Baba" my sister get attack on every Saturday or Sunday between 11 to 12 PM in between this we starting doing Naam Simram at night also listen Gurbani at night my sister attack epilepsy only when she was sleeping outside of bad due to this my sister starting sleeping between my my mother and father 14 days was passed we feeling relax 14 days was passed without any Attack but one day my sister sleep outside of bed and not listening Gurbani at night on that night my sister epilepsy against on next day my sister Goes to school --(would like to mention bad dreams was continually coming)-- In school she get one more attack my father Take them to hospital doctor was confused was medicine was not working and we take Them to other doctor that was also says it's is very wierd think medicine was not working but after last days this problem become too big Whole night my mom was not sleeping and when she sleep different kind of voices she listen my "nani ji' also see ghost nearly my sister and today morning when my mother doing a listen a voice in which a man was taking to boy"I asked you to take them with you why you not take Them with you and Boy said it's take some time. Only last to last night my mother get a dream in which the Jacket of my sister burn and last night during doing Path mother see a a Fire flame flying I February when my aunt stay in our home for one night he also feels someone roaming in the room today we Goes to baba Who said soul of a boy and a woman

Sorry for bad English I write it in hurry please share this maximum so I Get a good suggestion.

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I am starting to lose my faith in Sikhi, I feel that I have come to the right place, and perhaps someone on this forum can enlighten me. Over the past few months, I have watched several videos on YouTube which are critical of faith in general, which have lead me to question my faith in Sikhi. Radio virsa which is hosted by harnek Naki bis speech against Sikhi and Sikh history I really lose my faith and Sikhi Sprite I really need my faith Back Lately lacking so much motivation that I pretty much avoid going to gurudwara. I want to restore my faith it is very difficulty situation for me