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2019-01-27 06:43:05 -0600 asked a question Is Creation and Creator is different?

Is Nature is God no other supreme power is exist ? some Some Sikh are saying only nature is god and god is inside us only and no other supreme power is exist Sikhi believe in Nature is god

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2019-01-25 09:31:11 -0600 asked a question I lose my Sikhi Sprite ?

my name is gurdeep singh. i would like to telling my situation these days i am not feeling goods because i sprite. i am 19 year old i spiritual from begging i i was 15 i know nothing about and no love with sikhi ( my thinking is secular) but when i was in age 16 my thinking was totally get changed by reading some books i become a Pro Sikh but now i lose my Sikh sprite because of radio virsa (harnek naki) radio virsa Zealand speak against Sikhi and religions people . i watch many chip, i wound like to mention that chip which Hurts me most in that chip two man taking with each other i this video that radio jockey Said "religion people is most dangerous people and they are living in imagination world" they call Spiritual people as Blind Fainted people and no need to reading gurbani and God (akal Purakh) is not existing.