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2014-03-22 07:04:05 -0600 answered a question Meri sikhi

By doing Simran of Dhan Guru Nanak.

2014-03-22 07:02:42 -0600 answered a question Simran, 5 Banis

Doing something is better than doing nothing.

2014-03-21 03:08:39 -0600 answered a question about food

An Amritdhari Sikh is supossed to be pure vegetarian and please do not believe in the cooked up stories.

2014-03-21 03:05:10 -0600 answered a question beard ruined

Try using Schwarzkopf All Weather Taft which i hope should bring your confidence back.

2014-03-21 03:00:17 -0600 answered a question Becoming a Sikh : from where to start ? Please suggest some books.

Try reading SGGS Ji online in english language with meanings. Also do read the SRM(Sikh Rehat Maryada) or the Sikh Code of Conduct.

2014-03-21 02:57:32 -0600 answered a question Nothing is going right

My deep sympathies are with you, me too experiencing the same problem in my life today but the only advise i can suggest to you in this moment is keep doing Simran of Dhan Guru Nanak.

2014-03-21 02:50:20 -0600 answered a question How do I follow the Guru?

Please read SGGS Ji with meanings, you will get the answer.

2014-03-21 02:46:39 -0600 answered a question Another sikhforum sites?

Its the same everywhere.

2014-03-21 02:45:24 -0600 answered a question Can a Sikh girl have a boyfriend

Simply forget her.