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2014-03-19 03:22:13 -0500 answered a question I have really really problems!

Sat Sri Akal. I have a post above where I shared my situation of things not going right for me.I can symphatise with you. All I can say to you is that if things are in your control, and if by swallowing your pride and ego can mend things, and dont make them worse, the answer is staring at your face. This may be a situation that you can control and help make better. There are many situation that we face in life that we have no control and cant alter--for example, death. Only when you face such situation would you realise that the other problem you face is actually very trivial. Take care and I hope it helps.

2014-03-19 03:07:19 -0500 asked a question Nothing is going right

Sat Sri Akal everyone. I came from humble beginnings but with the hard work of my parents to see their children succeed, I studied hard and had a good job. I got married and have two kids and had everything, my own house and car. Everything was wonderful. Then about two years ago, things started to go wrong. I lost my job and from then on I could never get a job. I have had many opportunities for jobs and other ventures since then, but when its very near, it just doesnt materialise. In the last two years, I have grown closer to Sikhi and pray everyday, yet the light never shines on me. My family is wonderful and supportive, but I am extremely depressed but havent showed them. I ma the pillar of the family and cant show them that I am weak. In all of this, I have never blamed Waheguru, but instead everyday I ask for forgiveness for the things that I may have done wrong. I dont want to lose faith, but with every passing day, I fear what may happen to me or what I will do.