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2015-10-30 08:32:16 -0500 marked best answer Help me! Lost SINGH

Dear Sikhs,

Amongst us all, I have a big confession to make! I did not participate in my paath for many years, 5 now! exactly! I did not know, I only could remember the day still it happened! 5.30 AM wast my time to get up, but as soon as I woke up at 7! I could not believe what happenend, and since then I've been wandering around, not realizing what really happened to me! I am from an other origin my name is SINGH, female, but my mama is from an other origin,.. that's not a matter here but I mean that I just learned to know about WaheGuru and me and then It suddenly stopped at one day.. Al my fear came true like.. And then I have been walking with this question ever since I tried many times to wake up I ask for advive to my dear ones, but they don't seem to care, or understand what I was going through as I self did not understand it half..

What I can I do to make it good.. ? Is there still chances for me to do ? Pleasehelpme!!

I start to feel I have done something really wrong, and I cannot denie it..

Can I start to do my paath now exactly, again? Can I do something, anything to catch up the missed nitnems? Can I get Forgiveness, from God, again and try to start my life in a good waay?

2015-10-30 08:32:16 -0500 marked best answer burden on chest.

Burden on chest means some ghost..?

2015-10-30 08:32:16 -0500 marked best answer Can someone know yourself sometimes better then you know your oneself?

Question; Is it possible that someone else know you better then you know yourself? Should you listen and accept critic even if it's from someone who makes mistakes or should you only listen good advice from good people..? Can critic be good? Or advice from good people is better..? Does is it make any sense..? You have critic from jealous; and at the same time you should have to run away from faithless cynics Where do you drow the Line;?

Can you describe the concept about perceptions? Is it just like it is or how you see it? Is there anything good or bad?

2015-10-30 08:32:16 -0500 marked best answer Salok Bhagat KabirJi

Kabîr, I am in love with the All-knowing Lord; the ignorant ones try to hold me back.

2015-10-30 08:32:15 -0500 marked best answer If u want to go a specular way of life!

Then shouldn't you be at least giving up anything that is doing some good to go right? Including "your own personal needs"? That's where I'm stuck.. into that' phase' How do you know where you're sure that you made the right decision for so far now? Because I'm feeling the fear to give full surrender to everything and then at the same time I'm putting my capabilities in question! Can it be influenced by anyone else? Am I wrong here?

Please, correct me!

2015-10-30 08:32:15 -0500 marked best answer What does OCD mean..?

Are people with OCD CRAZY? How do they know it? Examples..please? How do people know if they have it..? How to help this..! I feel s ashamed maybe I have this but I don't know and I feel more ashamed for people who maybe have to live like this..with me. How bad is it if you think you know you're different but you can't see it The thought of acting strangely outside while people actually can see your actions kills me..

2015-10-30 08:32:15 -0500 marked best answer Lost Track

What is the best way to get back on track? Does it matter in which way..? What is the best way to get back on track..? If you lost track for a long time already? Help, help me please..? Does it need time? Does it take strenght to do that..? Or do you just have to trust, and go on love god? Because I know the one cannot go with the other.. I'm so confused..! Do you need to be strict to yourself no matter what, or stands love as first priority? I'm confused as I feel this is like impossible to do.. I cannot get over that thought... What is wrong with me?

2015-10-30 08:32:15 -0500 marked best answer Satnaam Waheguru Ji

The feeling of not be able to live without god..

2015-10-30 08:32:15 -0500 marked best answer Can a Sikh marry Khalsa?

Love doesn't have a standard. There are no levels in faith LIKE FAITH FOR GOD. I think LOVE=GOD and GOD=LOVE If someone really loves eachother then they would strive for the same main principles in life.. that is REAL LOVE FOR GOD

2015-10-30 08:32:14 -0500 marked best answer Mistakes, any

Why is it when you see someone else making mistakes you see it.. But when yourself making mistakes.. you cannot see it clearly.

2015-10-30 08:32:14 -0500 marked best answer Karma life

Can you change the actions now of karma from before past life?

2015-10-30 08:32:13 -0500 marked best answer Bad association

What to do if you are surrounded by people that have bad influences on you and your family? How to avoid so people especially if they are related familymembers? It's complicated..

2015-10-30 08:32:13 -0500 marked best answer Manmukh, Lose

Do you lose the Love for God if you eat food prepared by a manmukh? Please explain further?

2015-10-30 08:32:13 -0500 marked best answer Abhiyaasee

How and when is the best punctual time to do Abhiyaas? Please be correctly!

2015-10-30 08:32:13 -0500 marked best answer Bad membership

What to do if someone nearby you is causing problems that have harmful effects on you and family? How to get rid of such a personif it's a close familymember? It's extremely hard..

2015-10-30 08:32:13 -0500 marked best answer Naam WaHeGuru

In 'Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj' stands that 'Naam' is Most Important and without 'Naam' There would be nothing

It's foundation..God is in All..

In Guru Granth Sahib Ji stand that you have to Love All Cause All is God. Otherwise if you Can't See God In All .. You Can't See God At All! (Yogi Bhajan)


But without Naam there's nothing..

So you can't Judge anyone or anything untill you JAP NAAM RIGHT way shouldn't be RIGHT if you're not right There can Only be One way and that's RIGHT .. else you go wrong.. So what I'm doing now is also wrong.. I should be JAPPING NAAM.. Instead of a mere show..

Sometimes I feel so much close to God and i feel sad. Sometime I doubt.. I have this feeling that i need guideness to that Light.. of God I feel that without Naam there's nothing at ALL.. But everything seems so hollow without God I'm trying but not enough I'm weak so.. I have this feeling that I cannot so.. Before when you met God it felt so naturally.. There's also stands that it is worthless to express your feelings unless it's to God.. But can people ask others for advice and help..? Cause God Always stands ready to help! Why don't we run into God's arms?

Is everything a waste.. If we do not Jap NAAM for an instant? Sometimes i feel happy.. Because I feel God do Love me and I Love God so Much! But then sometimes I feel God is very far and he doesn't Love me but God Love All! But does that mean that we should break all bonds and just concentrate from now on and only onto God's Name..? It's should be like neverending.. but why people give up so soon..? Then it's feels like your standing back on that same spot..

Everything is from God.. but If you don't JAP NAAM then all means nothing right? How can someting wrong can bring you right.. that doesn't excist.. it's going right and stay right that brings you to the Light..

I personally think that staying on this forum will not bring me closer to God.. Right? We should and should only be JAPPING NAAM other means fail.. extremely So can only help others if you help yourself first and you should help others in the same way you help yourself..through Bani and Bani will help anyone through that terrible Ocean So aslong you not 1 you cannot Help any1 Without the Divine Name these are all wasted efforts.. argumenting and tribulation It's all a mere show..!

We should all really start JAPPING NAAM IN SURRENDER I don't think FULL SURENDER will come if you don't actually surrender If PAST/FUTURE MEANS NOTHING THEN WHY ARE WE ALL PUTTING THE BLAME ON IT ... (more)

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer depression

How to handle a depression?

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer I have really really problems!

First of all to say you, leaving your Guru is never a good deed or any option. Now I realize what have done just. I cannot stop thinking about it and i feel im drowning more and more every minute.. It's all due to my own mistakes and the harm that I may have caused to some people, nearly, I love and this is making it all more worse, then the worst.. I feel there's almost nothing left of me anymore, i cannot feel the strength and energy anymore that I used to have It's al to much as I feel I'm in a web I self created full of poison, and I cant refuse it as Im totally stuck in it my all good deeds wither away as my consciousness, everything is big chaos.. I want my Guru back,.. hmm I just don't know how! Please help me this is going on for a few years now and now I feel I'm stuck as I never asked for help to anyone, I did not knwo where to go, or I just wel like a real idiot, I have to do something about it because if not then.. I afraid of what is going to happen I dont want to lose my family and all and myself into this .. I've tried everything, I failed , I feel weak and exhausted and I don't know where to go..It's a bigg mess up that I have to clean here, and up in my head. I read alot but it's of no good to me as i still doubt, doubt doubt and then ofcourse i again fail than. What do I ave to do I'm so lost, and don't know what to do. I'm out of solutions.

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer Banging Head on a Brick Wall

How can you personally determinine if a relationship does not work? I feel I'm banging my head against a brickwall. Is it possible that some 'relationships' does not work? Is it possible that WaheGuru is trying leading me..out? Because I feel like I'm constantly abused and beaten up and I feel like that it's because of this 'relationship'. It's doing more harm, then good cause to me. It's like standing in the way of Union between God and me. I feel like it's not giving enough to carry on and on the other hand I feel like it's probably better if I would try so much more then I could maybe do better! It's sad.. What should I do?

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer HAUMAI/HANKAAR (ego)

How can I destroy my HAUMAI?

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer Simran, 5 Banis

What if you have difficult holding strict to the 5 Banis in the morning..? Is it good enough to do Japji Sahib and Jap Sahib in the morning, only?

Please give me some advice on this..?

Thank you! I would appreciate it ..!

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer Meri sikhi

pilgrimage, temper, wordly temptations how to control or avoid this?

2015-10-30 08:32:12 -0500 marked best answer Considering

Is it considered a crime to ourself if we have struggles doing what is right on our path? If we try enough, is that ok or does those struggles.. mean nothing at all? or those that prove a lack of descipline? I feel I'm so desperate at some times.. Sometimes I feel I'm not trying enough to become more than a Sikh..

Does anyone feel.. that.. in this same way? I feel so alone..

2015-10-30 08:32:11 -0500 marked best answer Can Naam and Simran elevate anything,?

I have this serious question, I do feel alone, most of the time, if eel im in a circle where i cannot get out anymore and iw ant to get out but i dont know how to get out! I want to be close to god and spend as much time as i can with god but first i don know how to break out of this circle and actually start to do it. I want a good aswer for my solutions, i want to be sure and i feel really im standing on the edge. if i now dont do nothing then i will never do nothing, i need help please help me , i need some good advice, does naam and simran make every problem solve, and if so does, can i get out of my circle or do i first have to break this circle, i do not understand it myself im stuck to maya and its destroying me more and more over again I cannot seem to get out of this, and my bad habits and deeds

2015-09-24 05:48:05 -0500 marked best answer What if you addicted to meditation?

What should you do if you start to get to much addictive to meditation.. I'm starting to really suffer from it.. my behaviour and my family It's already been for some quite while.. I thought it was good to be addicted to gurbani or did i misinterprented it..? What is the cause mainly.. of it? I read because you don't have a strict amritvela.. Is that the reason or what more..? How to overcome it and handle it? Doesn't it have to be like a habit or like an addiction ..? i feel so hopeless right now.. i read that the dangers of overmeditation are very real and i'm experiencing all those symptoms of overmeditation.. I think i might behave erratic and inappropriate i think it's really starting to have a big affect onto my health , mentally physically and i don't know how to get out of the 'circle'. it's been years now.. there exists the possibility of very real dangers to emotional, mental, and physical health with over meditation.

I have problems with my self-image, i do weep much and i have pain in my neck i feel alienated from the world and i real suffer from it.. i behave strange as well. Can I still do something about it.. will my erratic behaviour go away.. i'm scared will it still have influence on me after?

What is the main cause of addiction to gurbani? How to get 'rid' of this addiction and really start to Love GOD? Is it some sort of attachment? What does this addiction mean is it an weaknes..

Like it did not know till now well i already knew or felt something was wrong with me.. I thought first like i'm doing gurbani so nothings wrong.. but when some enters my space then i really really come upset like and when i have time it doesn't matter when i would do part.. but i didn't start to feel better i start to feel worse after then..

Can you please also explain about bairaag and the state of intoxication.. Before i thought i was doing it all wrong.. but now i feel like i addicted I hope it's not some other mental desease but i'm really suffering from my neck i can't sit still i'm very soon irritated i sleep long hours and sometimes short my diet goes from up to down i have no other interest and i really feel worthless.. i can't figure out what i have anymore i feel i'm very tighert and floating and dizzy like my hands and face and all body is like tintling.. like i don't excist or something Not only me but everything seems to suffer from it i lost my job also before.. i'm totally lost it's like starting over from point one. Does this mean that uttering gurbani is useless if your addicted to it ... (more)

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2014-07-09 05:38:39 -0500 marked best answer Drowning! in myself

Writing this is quite difficult for me as I feel ashamed of what I'm going to say right now. I have left my Guru quite while ago, I was confused and I didn't know what to do I was quit .. My question now is that if you don't have anymore answers left and you want to become one with your guru again then please tell me what I have to do, because i'm wandering around through my doubts continually and It's killing me I have Left My most Trenmendiscious and Beautiful Lord Please forgive my mistakes an in any writings of this. HElp, help, help me please to destroy me enemies. With much love, to this great and doing good deeds, keep u work I feel I'm continually beaten, I feel emtional wreck, I cannot do any good deeds, I have done more harm to anything and everything then I personally wanted or experienced I feel I'm in a unknowing state continiue, and I want harmony with my God back again as I have so much troubling with my oneself, innerself I cannot do anything at all, I feel powerless and i do no the differnce between good and bad, i have done more bad then i wanted and now i feel it's to late, i feel I am dum and a real stupid idiot that i have left the one and only thing that is really beautiful, iw wish I could go back reading my nitnem everyday but i have really , till my most regreat i have left it over and over for so many times and now i feel im standing nailed on the ground, idont know where to go run with my emotions as i connot control them and its making everything worse! its really ridiculious i want to go back on the good way, now and make a change as i am really confused i feel i cannot choose between right and wrong as i don know the difference so i cannot perform good deeds as i don know anymore what is is? help me please to find way, step by step i can get there , please forgive once more for the chaos.

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