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Hi, I just read your problem. I would say just think about yourself for a second and take one step at a time. If you will think you can do everything to make your life easy and your parents this will not happen. Give yourself some time, you just got divorced and you probably do not want to get marry to those teenagers who are not muture yet and they will leave you too after an year or so. Sorry to say but it really seems like that. First, think about what you want to do study or job then do it as your 'majburi' doesn't matter you are happy or not. Try to stay there and don't think you can't do it because you learn slow. Then after 2 or 3 years, try to think about marriage with the age of yours or an year younger that way you guys will understand each other better. And tell your parents they have done already once, the marriage. Now its your time, and you will tell them when you are ready to get married. And suicide is not the solution for everything. I was used to thing the same way to kill myself then i thought about my loved one, who cares about me like my shadow. So don't ever try to hurt yourself.

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People make mistakes. And you are talking about before marriage. I think it matters now how he/she with you, not his/her past. If they are honest and loyal with you now then you should forget about this and move on and should think about future. If you standby with him/her now then i don't think he/she will let you down ever. He/she will realize what they have done and now how he/she can make it right. At last, it is better to leave bad things behind when it becomes past. Past teach us something that we do not do again and again.

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hi i am 25 jatt sikh girl and i am in relationship with a rajput. Its been almost 3 years. I told my mom that i wanna get married to him but she said its impossible because he is not jatt. she threatened me that my brother and dad will kill me if they will know about this. But me and him think differently. His family does not care if i am jatt or not and they go to Gurudwara Sahib. Our guru is same so why all this jaat paat matters? I do not know what should I do to make them understand this or how to change their thinking about this.