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2014-07-04 21:35:18 -0600 answered a question How to overcome the fear of facing failure

I have been in your situation many times, especially over exams. One day during results, I decided instead of worrying and crying for hours and hours I would remain calm and simply leave it to God and put all my belief in him that I wouldn't fail- I did not let even 1% of my mind focus on the chance of failing. And guess what- I ended up with the highest grade i've ever got- although I was certain I wouldn't do well, and I was so surprised!

I learnt to build my faith through the years, and ended up with a First Class in my undergraduate and Distinction in my Masters. Now you may be thinking- good for you, but I wanted to show how I was in exactly the same situation as you, full of fear and worry. I learnt that God can give you so much more than you ask for, all you need to do is build your faith from your heart, and you will be amazed at what happens.

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2014-03-17 21:49:30 -0600 answered a question depression

First you need to talk to someone about this, talking to a professional counsellor will help you make steps to change your thinking. If you have any close friends or family members that you trust to share your concerns will, it will help you share the problem helping clear your mind. Depression is when your in a negative cycle of thinking, so by talking to others they can help you discover what is positive in your life. When I was depressed it did help when others reassured me that everything will be ok, sometimes you need that push from someone else if you don't have the energy to help yourself.

Also listen to simran and learn to mediate even if its not for long. This will help you clear your mind, without thinking about anything else or your problems. When you call God he is fully aware of this, and most importantly have faith that God will help you through this rough stage in your life. You need to realise that you are not in control of every single thing that happen in your life, so even if you feel that your problems are almost impossible to solve- God will be there to create a way for you.

I know it is easier said that done, but I have personally been through this depression for a few years, and I found my faith slowly developed and things got better. You will be on the way to recovery before you know it. Take care!

2014-03-15 21:34:19 -0600 answered a question Can Naam and Simran elevate anything,?

I believe it can. It is hard to get out out of this 'circle' but through meditation and simran you will start to experience a connection with God, and this will help you focus on what is important. Your problems might not be resolved overnight , but it will help you break this attachment with maya, and change your thinking that will break your bad habits. When take one step towards God, he will take a million steps towards you. So don't worry and just start to do simran from your heart, without thinking of your problems, just focus on God and be positive. You will eventually see that he will take care of everything and you will be amazed. I've learnt this form my own experience. Good luck x

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2014-03-05 21:36:49 -0600 answered a question want to be amritdhaari

Becoming amritdhaari is a big step, but if you are willing to do this, you may not realise but you are very blessed. Regardless of what mistakes you have made in the past, they should not stop you from becoming amritdhaari, and yes I believe if you do it from your heart, and commit your life to God of course he would forgive you. Do not focus on your past, and do not let it put you down. As humans we do make mistakes, but focus on what you want to achieve in the future and let this path guide you. I wish you the best of luck!

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2014-02-21 10:45:56 -0600 answered a question Please help me!

God knows what you want, he knows what you are thinking. You don't need to make a 'deal' with him. You should try your best in your exams , have faith in him because everything is in his hands. In the end you did get the results you wanted, and although we has humans make mistakes and regret what we have said, he doesn't let us down.

For next time you should just trust him to get you through, and not think 'oh if you let me pass this one, then its ok if other ones aren't as good'. Its not up to us to decide and make rules, so just keep working hard and most importantly have faith.

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2014-02-02 20:25:26 -0600 asked a question Doing paath in English translations

I am interested in reading the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and I have found an online version which translates the text to English.

However I do not understand or cannot read any Gurmukhi language, and cannot always understand what is being said when I go to the temple so I literally just read the English text as a part of my prayers.

Does this mean my prayers are not as meaningful, as I am not reading it in the original format.