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2014-01-23 14:00:43 -0500 asked a question Sikh sangat, Culture in USA?

Wjkk wjkf

I am planning to move to US, as the scope of my academic discipline (Industrial Engineering) is very good as compared to any other country.

Please let me know about the culture of sikhs in US. Keywords: Sikh Sangat, gurudwaras and politics, Quality of sikhs, Kirtan/Katha arrangements, Sikhs and flaunts. Is the place suitable to make balance between my corporate life and spiritual life.

One of my friend warned me about canada, that even though a huge no. of punjabi lives there, more no. of sikhs are expected , it will be difficult to find a good sikh's company. Without good company you will either feel unhappy/depressed or will sink into the ocean of sins.

Please let my know about Sikhism in US

2014-01-23 13:37:25 -0500 asked a question How can i find suitable girl for me? I can't trust anybody !


Few years ago, I have decided to not get married, as i couldn't find and divine soul girl anywhere nearby. I have believed that every girl ruins the spiritual life of others. Because of this belief, i have loosen a girl who adored/followed me for 3 years.

But now, i realized that it is necessary to get married to diminish the effect of Kalyug.Once, I got a chance to live away from my parents for 1 year, during which I realized, due to loneliness my spiritual life is getting declined. My mind was getting disturbed, by looking happiness in couples as i was feeling very unhappy being alone. finally i have decided to get married.

I want to marry a girl who is pure,divine,pure-soul.I want such a girl who can uplift my spiritual life, who can drives me towards naam-simran, amrit vela care, sewa. With whom i can feel myself with sadh-sangat. I strongly need such a company as i am living a unorganized life, wasting my time in in useless activities and evils.

I don't want to marry such a girl with whom i got indulge in useless issues and waste my time.

BUT i afraid how will i find such a girl? I can't trust any girl. Don't know how to check suitability of any girl for me.

Please reply, assuming that the girl which i will find suitable, will also accept me. Thanks

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2014-01-03 13:18:22 -0500 answered a question how to get rid of all this dissapointing situations

Just, let the time spent, assuming the future to be good and impliment some practices as discussed below.

Continue to do path, and must you must start SEWA in gurudwara sahib if possible.

Develop yourself psychologically, sukh-dukh is a part of life. It is very tough to develop psychology upto that extent where, "JO nar dukh main dukh nahi manai", ANG 633

SEWA, SIMRAN, Listening to KATHA, Kirtan slowly Develops the Power of mind to face harsher than harshest situation.

Spent some time in reading spiritual books, especially JIVANIs of some saint, Gurus, whatever you want. Only solution to your problem is "enhance +ve energy".

Try to escape out of -ve elements.

If you are getting tired by performing religious practices all the day, just watch good movies. WATCH ONLY RECOMMENDED MOVIES, like LIFE OF PIE, War of worlds, The Secret (documentary), Religious movies(Sahid BABA DEEP SINGH G, CHOTE SAAHIBZAIDYAAN DI SAHIDI)

Songs like Alla k bande hasde (kailash Kher), etc.

You can share your qualification, hobbies, interests for more suggestion, to solve financial matters also. [email protected]

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2014-01-03 12:44:15 -0500 answered a question Love marriage ?

Thanks for the answer, but my queries were misinterpreted, check the alignment of answers and please answer again.

  1. She was a girl quite decent(in first and second year only), and had shown her will to folllow me....(indirectly)..( Can't be explained).
  2. Later, she become a good friend of some other girl after which she has loosen all her good qualities, Poor/Horrible dressing sence, etc. I fear she might not have started to visit night clubs, consuming liquor, as her friend was likely to be. However i can't expect such thing from her.

First 2 years, she has tried hard to come closer to me, but fail to even talk. Both of us failed to initiate friendship, or simple discussions during work in lab (in groups of 3).

Also, now i have left her with full respect, no bad comments ( Directly or indirectly or even among my friends)....and Left this as grace of GOD.

Nor i am worried about some suitable match.

I am just worried about my behaviour .( not talking to her even she was very serious, may have reflected my EGO/Attitude). According to my perception (by looking her behavious)and some secret sources, she started to hate assuming it as my MALE EGO (as i have not initiated even after her initiative after 3 years)

I am feeling guilty , assuming i have huge EGO/MALE EGO, I don't know whether it or not. Should I need to change myself ?

Thanks [email protected]

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2013-12-30 14:44:03 -0500 answered a question can i kiss

NOPE, Only after once you get married.

2013-12-30 14:38:14 -0500 answered a question Animals allowed to enter the Gurdwara?

Nobody can answer this question except god or his messenger, any sant/mahapurkh.

Well, according to my perception, as i red jivaani sant baba nand singh ji (kaleran waale).Some animals have good karams who live near by religious places, as baba ji have explained life of many animals that were rescued from cycle by baba ji.

But still we cant make decision, regarding the entry of animals into gurudwara sahib.

  1. sangat disturbance.
  2. Animal may spread waste.
  3. Animal can't listen gurbani, understand, impliment and hence can't improve its life.

Exceptionally, there can be a situation where sant/mahapurkh can rescue some animal. But that is the decision of sant, we need not to worry about that.

Our Motive is to improve ourself. Leave the rest on god.

Dont know the conclusion, but still it may help.

2013-12-30 14:03:40 -0500 answered a question cheated in school

I will be quite daring to face the situation, But if you can it will be the best.

Try to change the school,I don't think you can change. Try, if it works. Don't get depressed. This small scale cheating doesn't matter if you learnt not to cheat. Hopefully never cheat Anyone, anywhere... THE BEST LESSON...

Without this, In future you may cheat on larger level also.(for money etc etc)

Say thanks to god

However pull up your socks and get ready to face the challenge.

2013-12-30 13:26:19 -0500 asked a question Love marriage ?

Wjkk wjkf ji, When i was in first year of my college, a girl started liking me (in my class for 1st year only, after that changed), eventually I also (not malicious at all). She belongs to SEMI SIKH (i guess, as she perform threading).She had made many modifications in her life style such as dressing sense, abandoned ear rings. I was completely convinced by her feelings (without any gossip). BUT, I was of very shy nature, not talk to girls, not even can make eeye contacts. I have never talked to her. She was unable to catch my feeling, may have considered that i am trying to ignore her.

Till the end of second year, silent story continues. I little bit change was in me. Finally she was aware of my feelings by that time as i have also started to stare her.

Questions: 1. I was totally confued at that time. either left "sanjog" on GOD and Suitable time, or go ahead with little friedship (upto marriage)....?? I was also worrying about my religios praticies too much. Will even the limited friendship can spoil my spiritual life?

  1. How can i identify the SANJOG?

In the end of third year, once she tried to initiate a talk for just a library card, by the help of friend accompanying her. Though the conversation was too small, it has given me clear indication, that she wants to talk.

Next day again, she was standing besides me in a shop. I Haven't started any convertation and left the shop.

After that, i have sent facebook friend request, responding to which she has bloked me in fb.

I couldn't understand whats going on, what she wants. Even after this i have never tried to talk to her.

After few months, she changed her name eliminating kaur from her name, was in affair with some other non sikh boy.

I realised that she felt someting wrong about sikhs. (full of attitude) She started me showing attitude, for some months.

In next sem, unknowingly we selectd same subject so we have to attemd the same class. It was embarrassing for me. surprisingly, again she have shown signs that she is willing to talk.

But i never...

Questions: 3. was my behavious was good according to gurmat? 4. If i were behaved properly, she could have been drawn into a better sikh may be amritdhari. Please justify according to gurmat. 5. Should i ever talk to her in future?

Please answer my all the 5 questions according to gurmat. I am totally insane/mad, incapable of making decisions. Please help!! Thank you

wjkk wjkf