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Bhagat Kabeer ji said not to eat Fish & drink wine or you shall suffer Hell. (it can't be killed in one blow). Not to eat 'Kutha', a meat of an animal slaughtered by slow degrees as done by the Muslims. Cannot cook & eat non-veg in presence of Guru Granth Sahib ji. Guru ji says: our tongue is made of meat; from meat we eat vegetables. from meat(tongue) we eat meat; doesn't make any difference. If you must eat than ask forgiveness (Ardras) to Akaal Purakh: as we are about to take a life. Guru ji said: In beginning we were stones (Akaal Purakh Jot is in rocks/stones/diamonds etc.,), then we became Banaspati (vegetation) after that into animals, and now in Human-life. this life-cycle was very long journey. (84-lakh incarnations) Bhai Gurdas ji says in his first Vaar: Of the eighty four lacs life classes, birth as a Human is the best.

Found This: "Guru Pir Hama Ta Bhare, ja Murdar Na Khai" page 141 in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Means Guru or Peer only helps in the court of Akal Purakh if some one abstains from "Murdaar" means meat. Murdaar word has come from Murda which means dead one. Murdaar means flesh of dead ie meat.

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Wjkk, wjkf As a person who is not gursikh, I would say if you shave or trim , than I see no goal really in keeping long hair ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- its not what we think is true, must explorer Gurbani: Bhai Nand Lal - RahitNama (Conversation between Guru Govind Singh ji & Bhai ji) Guru ji says: Rom Rom Achhar So Lahay रोम रोमअॱछर सो लहे Deem (that) written on each of your body-hair, 33 ਭਾਈ ਨੰਦ ਲਾਲ : ਰਹਿਤ ਨਾਮਾ ਪੰ. 33 it really doesn't matter what caste you believe.

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

four directives:

1) Not to remove hair from the body.

2) Not to use Tobacco or other intoxicants.

3) Not to eat 'Kutha', a meat of an animal slaughtered by slow degrees as done by the Muslims.

4) Not to commit adultery- 'Par nari ki sej, bhul supne hun na jayo' (never enjoy, even in dream, the bed of a woman an other than your own wife)

(A supplementary ordinance was issued that any one who did not observe any of the four directives, must be re- baptized, pay a fine, and promise not to offend any more; or he must be excommunicated from the Khalsa).

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@meet you have lot of questions that is good but without knowing one's answer, your asking another. that's not good practice. Your Maan(Heart) is taking control over you and this way you will not find any peace. Grow Patients (your very impatient)...

my advice is to listening katha of Gurbani should be in Indian Languages only i.e,. Punjabi... Why... it has more deep meaningful understanding. (Punjabi like Sanskrit is the Language of 7 different sounds).

virginity in English means (not having sex) but in Gurbani it can have many different meanings. (Gurbani is Poetic). any Word/Line you explorer should be in consideration of complete Line as well as Stanza...

khinthaa kaal kuaaree kaaeiaa jugath ddanddaa paratheeth | Let the remembrance of death be the patched coat you wear, let the purity of virginity be your way in the world, and let faith in the Lord be your walking stick.

it means (in very short lines):

Guruji says bhagat's, yogi's used to remember death all the time. eg,. Bhagat Kabeerji as well as Mahadev Shiv used to seat and meditate on Naam(Name of the Lord: Waheguru / Om) at shamshan ghat (Place where Bodies are cremated),. so they can always remember Death. there thinking was by always remembering death (by Fear in Heart). One cannot forgot about God. Always remembrance of God (by Fear of death)....

Mahadev shiv was true Yogi whereas Bhagat Kabeerji only meditated at shamshan ghat but he lived his life got married had childrens that is our Guruji updesh.

Guru Nanak Dev ji said, don't only think of Death but also living because one day you lived is also one day closer to death; meaning living and dying happening at the same time(keep this in mind). Naam Japna (Meditate), Wand Chakna (Sharing) and Kirt Kamai (Truthful Living) are the three golden rules as guided by Guru Nanak Dev ji.

"purity of virginity": flaw of converting into English. here in this Line purity and virginity are the same meaning. During meditating on Naam(One should keep his heart Clean, Pure, Virgin). Why... only then you can truly meditate on Naam. How one can concentrate on Naam by thinking about Lust, ego, anger, attachment, Greed? (Heart can only abides one "God" or "Sinful acts", but not together) i am going to stop here. Guru Govind Singh ji said: Gurbani is a ocean, deeper you go more you understand but cannot know everything. Only God is limitless; we(Human-being) are idiots to say God is limitless (we are also limiting by saying limitless).

"How is this suppose to help a person who is not a virgin before marriage" Guru Govind Singh ji Orders (Commands)to Khalse:

He then ordained them to do the following:

I. First they must wear the following articles whose names begin with 'K':

  1. Kes- unshorn hair. This represents the natural appearance of saintlihood. This is the first token of

Sikh faith.

  1. Kanga- A comb to clean the hair ...

2013-12-18 04:13:40 -0600 answered a question Can you pray bad things to happen to yourself (eg. I wish I was deaf) and could they actually come true?

as per Gurubani, when you give yourself (tan, maan, dhan) to true Guru Granth sahibji. Our actions are accounted by Guruji. Listen to shabad "nirgun rakh liya satan ka satkar". if Gursikh Curses someone Guruji stops it from happening. (All living beings are children of one God.) no one is bad/good. its the actions (Karma / deeds) that are bad or good. every actions have their Consequences.

their is old saying "Bhagwan Ke Ghar Der Hai Andher Nahin Hai" as per Gurbani this statement is false. Good deeds are immediately rewarded. (God does not wait to reward actions).

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Maskeen ji answered about all the colors used in all religion for reasons in japji Saheb Katha... first take time and watch all this 39 videos until then don't ask any further questions.

google search: Google search for term: Japji Sahib Katha Pauris 1-39 - Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

2013-12-17 20:58:07 -0600 answered a question Sikhnet video

Guru Nanak Deviji explained Five states in Japji Sahib. Fourth state "Karam khaand" for details google search: Google search for term: Japji Sahib Katha Pauris 1-39 - Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

another: Detail Explaination of all States as teaching of Guru Granth Sahebji Google search for term: Kundalini Surjhee Satsangat - Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

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by the grace of the true Guru

Anand Shaib: O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. This family(Friends, relatives) which you see shall not go along with you. They shall not go along with you, so why do you focus your attention on them? Don't do anything that you will regret in the end. Listen to the Teachings of the True Guru - these shall go along with you.

Says Nanak, O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. ||11||

By keeping Kesh (Hair) you have committed to your true Guru. This feeling you are having its because of emptiness from inside, start going to Gurudwara daily, ask Granthi ji to explain you daily Hukamnama. do Nitneem, listen to Gurbani while speaking Shabad. be patient.

this practice will fulfill all your desires. but it takes sometime.

Bhagat Kabeer ji Bani: Kabeer, Maaroo: Meditate in remembrance on the Lord, or else you will regret it in the end, O mind. O sinful soul, you act in greed, but today or tomorrow, you will have to get up and leave. ||1||Pause|| Clinging to greed, you have wasted your life, deluded in the doubt of Maya. Do not take pride in your wealth and youth(looks, beauty); you shall crumble apart like dry paper(dead body are burnt/buried in the end). ||1|| When the Messenger of Death comes and grabs you by the hair, and knocks you down, on that day, you shall be powerless. You do not remember the Lord, or vibrate upon Him in meditation, and you do not practice compassion; you shall be beaten on your face. ||2|| When the Righteous Judge of Dharma calls for your account, what face will you show Him then?

Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints: in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall be saved. ||3||1||

it doesn't matter if non-sikh people not find you handsome/beautiful but the sikhs do. Lord made us the way we are, Hairs are the gift to us. Lord God loves it and that all it matters to us. Removing it is Disrespecting our Lord. its up to you. Question yourself: Where do you want to be horned, is it in Lords House or in this false world?

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Google search for term: Japji Sahib Katha Pauris 1-39 - Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen listen to all this very carefully with Full attendance...(Long time but worth it) you will Find inner peace. after listening to till complete. You will have not not worry about what your spiritual teacher said before, because Japji fulfill the Hearts hungry.

Trust me been there done that, you will find all answers.

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while ago i remembered from my childhood, we sikh boys faced lot of problems, insults bad naming, santa-banta jokes. i remember other kids teasing me by pointing(haath me kadaa sar per dayie wadaa) it was after 1984 u know (around year 1989-90). and when i was young in college (sardar jokes on mobile sms). i used to feel same way. sometimes sad, sometimes angry little bit & sometimes i used to pity them. in fact it doesn't affected me alot, because i took Gurbani lesson from childhood & started meditation (Japji Sahebji). by the time passed i have started Nitneem (its not like its my duty as a Sikh but i Love Guru's Shabad). instead of my friends and others i have concentrate on my studies & work.

conclusion, I am the best IT engineer in my city, very well known Apple technician. Politicians (Mayor etc,.), Police officers (Commissionaire of Police etc,.), Doctors and industrial owners,. so many all seek my help in I.T products am very much respected, among all. in the same city where is was being insulted, by the grace of Guru now i am one of the most respected person in my city & its true story.
Its the Play of wondrous God.

This world is illusion (like a dream) all affairs does not last long. Friends are useless always (True Friendship means Leeching for own Greed). One universal God is the true giver (he does not ask anything in return). Start doing Nitneem, Sehej paath. Guru Granth Sahib is the true Master, brother, sister, mother, father, husband, friend & most importantly savior. by the grace of the Guru you will find true happiness.

2013-12-15 08:49:00 -0600 answered a question Would your prayer fail to reach God if you do not possess the five K's or you eat meat?

ghat ghat kai antar ki jant bhlai burai ki pir pachant chiti tai kunchrasthoola sabh par kirpa diristi kar phoola. (11) He, Who is inner Knower of all hearts, knows the sorrows of all creatures, good or bad. He casts His Graceful Glance on all from the meek ant to huge elephant and feel pleased. (11)

suntun dukh paai tai dukhi sukh paai sadhun kai sukhi aik aik ki pir pchanain ghat ghat kai put put ki janai. (12)

He is pained, when His saints are pained; and feels happiness when they are happy. He understands what pains each of the hearts of the creatures and their innermost workings . (12)

hidden secrets withing heart all are known to God without prayers.

God listen to all players and do as Gods wish, God never ask our permission, God do what he wish, God is without hatred. Your wish will come true within this life-time or next,.

but by following the Path of Guru Granth sahibji (by Gurus grace) you will be saved from rebirth.

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False statement or misspelled. Guru Granth Sahebji explains "conquer your heart, you will conquer this world" meaning fight with your inner thieves (anger, ego, lust, attachment and greed), in some religions its called "evil". then you will cross the ocean (free form birth-death cycle). This can be achieved by the grace of True Guru (Dhan Dhan Shree Guru Granth Sahebji). Heart can be repaired by meditation on the Naam (Name of the Lord). Speak loudly & listen to it with full attendance.

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There are five K's of Sikhism. No one should deny these five tenets. To defy them would be indefensible. These are the five tenets-Kadha (Iron Bangle), Kirpan (Sword), Katchh (underwear), Kangha (comb), Kes (Hair). All the other signs are useless. These five K's are very significant. What I have narrated above is not against belief. The hookaw, the hair cutting, the red meat and the bastard are not part of the Sikh religion. Coloring ones hair with Heena is like blasphemy. (51)

(Guru GovindSinghji in dasam grath sahebji)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa , Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh me & also other singh tie beard, veer bhupinder singh also. none in past or in present days any saints like Isher Singhji, Maskeen Singhji, Pinderpal Singhji, Veer Bhupinder Singhji etc,. ever told to not tie beard.