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Hello, Being a girl, i understand how you feel because i used to feel same about myself untill i met this wonderful person who is my husband. I went through the same situation and had the same thoughts until i met "him". I would recommend doing "So purakh" Paath in Rehras sahib as many times as you can and God will bless you with your soulmate and he would be the one who would make you feel how beautiful you are regardless of your exterior or your body parts. When i was single, i would think about my body and all the other stuff would come to my mind but then i did So purakh paath for more than a year and then i was married.After i was married i would ask my husband just to check how he feel about me and i would say , "oh i am not like other girls, i wish i was like other girls" and he would say " no baby, i love you the way you are, you are perfect the way you are". I hope this helps and gives a positive energy to you . I am writing my own experience which i hope helps you. And i also wish that may Waheguru find you your soulmate and then you will know how special you are for him just the way you are because you are his soulmate. God Bless you Love Kaur