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2013-11-21 23:23:50 -0600 answered a question Do we sikhs believe in black magic?

I am really amazed to see all these comments, it is a shame that our Sikh brothers and sisters are living in total illusion. I am born in a hardcore Sikh Family and never came across any knowledge about black magic or believed in the existence of black magic, started meditating when I was 17 years old and by 32 I was bubbling with spiritual energy. Got married with an Indian girl who is the youngest of 5 brothers, unfortunately, three out of her 5 brothers conspired to kill me and their sister which was done to grab my property.

Black magic was started in 1992, in 1994 my wife became possessed with an evil spirit when she was pregnant with our first child, our life became total hell on all levels, life threatening sickness (I would be in a pool of blood everyday as my anus would bleed everything). btw: I have been a strict vegetarian and had no alcohol for over 30 years now. I would pray to God that please take this body away as I cannot handle it. We would try to do path but had no interest left in the holiness as the ongoing miseries were overwhelming.

Poverty (had to beg money from friends to survive), bad relationship, frequent evictions,. Saw days when we had no money for bread or milk for our 6 year old daughter at the time. SINCE WE WERE BORN IN IN A SIKH FAMILY WE HAD NO CONCEPT OF WHAT WAS GOING ON. My wife’s family who were frequently getting updates from their girl tried their best to keep us in total darkness and would make every effort to keep us away from taking any outside help as the universe did send few people our way who could help us but we brushed them off.

In 2000 the brother-in-law who was the prime suspect visited us in Los Angeles and after he left, crows started crossing our path in large numbers when we would travel by car. In 2002 we got evicted from our apartment and rented another apartment in Mission Viejo, where we came across a Vietnamese woman who could see that our life is a total mess, she suggested that we take her help and we agreed, she was working for the management office of our apartment complex. She did some rituals on us and in few weeks she stole our clothing, hair and pictures from our apartment while we were gone on a trip, come June 9th 2002 (Amavas night) both me and my wife started experiencing strong stinging attacks in the head and we could not go to sleep until the next morning. Next four days, I called up all my spiritual friends and all had one opinion that it seemed like Voodoo attacks. We made a written complaint against her with Orange county PD and also met FBI twice but both showed their inability to help us.

Next few months we rushed in all ... (more)