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Sat Sri akal ji. My name is Darshan and I am 19 years old. I am currently living with my puwaji and her family in Canada. I am from Singapore. I was an amritdhari since 02/02/2012. Ever since I came to Canada it's been difficult to stay amritdhari and I have been trying my best. I accidently broke my Amrit a few weeks ago and I am trying to become a puri sikhni again. I stopped doing paath last month due to some problems and I have started doing my paath again. My parents have been jobless since October 2011. In December 2011 me and my family went for Yatra in Amritsar. We went all the gurdwaras in Amritsar and in tarn taran. We also went Bangla sahib and sis ganj gurdwara. All the gurdwara we went we didn't ask for anything. After the Yatra when we went back to Singapore I suddenly Amritchak I didn't know why. My mum n my friend told me its the bulawa from guru ji. I Amritchak and I got an admission in a college in Canada end of february. My dad was suppose to start work in Canada in June but every work he got almost gets finalized and everything suddenly goes to waste all hard work goes down the drain. Some work required my dad to shave of his beard but my dad refused that job. We are a gursikh family and want to stay as a gursikh family forever. After my dad refused this job my mum said we can try to do the job under her name. We are trying but my mum visa to come to Canada got rejected everything that we trying got rejected. Is all this happening because of me??3 weeks ago my aunts had a fight and all the blame was pushed to me despite not being my fault at all. My aunt shouted at me to get out of her house. Everything that's been going on is it because of me breaking my Amrit?? I am getting back into guru ji's way of life. I have started doing paath again and being vegetarian and everything again. I feel depressed I don't know what to do. Please help me??