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Poem: A Mother’s Heart Posted on September 2, 2013 by secretangel

A Mother’s Heart

A special bond is formed, as her child grows inside. Nourishing her unborn… a process only God could provide.

And her child grows, tucked safely under her heart. Till the day her baby’s born, and given a fresh new start.

But that special bond was formed, with each precious heartbeat… A mother’s love lasts forever… a bond never to be defeated.

The prayers of a mother, through the stages of life, providing covering over her child, protecting them from strife.

But as her child grows, to become a young adult. Her prayers over her child, will show the end result.

For each child’s life, will go their own separate way. As the mother watches, and just continues to pray.

For the mother’s heart breaks, as all her children leave. An “empty nest syndrome”, for she can no longer cleave.

A hollowness in her heart, where many tears are shed, when that day comes, a day many mother’s dread.

She watches her child leave, slowing driving away… A new chapter in their lives, beginning this very day.

And she cries out to God… Lord, protect them each day. For your Word says to train them, and You will not let them stray.

So Lord, I give them to You… with the deepest love in my heart… and I trust You, Lord… that you will not let them depart.

For I have done my best, to raise them Your way… Now, it’s only You and me Lord! So continue to orchestrate each and every day!