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As long as you're being intimate to your own lady and have no notions what so ever for anybody else and you two are comfortable practicing certain sexual things then there seems no harm in it.

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I am a Sikh guy from Delhi. I want to ask a question about Sikh girls, virginity and sex before marriage. But first, I want to tell you about what has driven me to come here and ask this question.

I used to like a girl in the final year of my school. She used to like me too. We used to blush a lot while talking to each other and We used to talk to each other a lot. We told each other about our feelings and felt good about it. Later we went to different colleges. One day there was a cultural event in her college, I came to know of it from my friends in that college, and thought I should surprise her. I went there with my friends and saw her with some other guy, dancing, laughing and having her fun. I felt awkard and bad seeing that but I tried to ignore having seen what I had seen. When I asked my friends about that guy, they said he was her guy, and they had seen them making out quite a few times. I couldnt believe it. She used to say she liked me, loved me, wanted to be with me. I was heart broken. I spoke to her about it and she confessed to it. I stopped talking to her. That teenage love ended then and there. I was depressed for a very long period of time.

After 1.5 years I came across a girl through a mutual friend. She was amritdhari, looked kinda cute and had approached me herself. I started to like her company. She was studying at a college in Gurgaon. After some time of our friendship we both felt attracted towards each other. But she had bad company, had ONLY guy friends, used to go with em to hookah bars, pubs and all other kinda wrong places. I myself am an amritdhari and i personally do not like going to any such places as I feel that Sikhs must not go to these kinda places. (Kutha, hukkah, charas, tambaku, ganja , topi, taadi, khaaku.. inki ore na kabahuu dekhai rehetvand so sikh bisekhai) ... also came to know about her alleged physical relationships with many of her friends. So, we broke up. And I was shaken up again.

After another year of staying depressed and aloof, I came across one extremely amazing girl. She looked very decent and adorable and belonged to an amrirdhari family. Her mom ties dastar, her dad is a great man and knows a lot about gurbani and sends amazing vibes whenever you look at him. But she has had a past too and has been with 2 guys, both of them were hindus and "bihari" and i came to know from a friend who was there in her college that she has done "it" many a times with her guys and there were several pics of her floating around.

Now, By the Guru's ... (more)