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I am what was a Christian, then atheist/agnostic to Christian back to non believer. It was a Sunday night and I was feeling sad as I have depression issues AHDH and I am bipolar to boot. I had a recent account with suicide and taking my own life in the past few month's that aside I was up late watching a cooking show as I often do. The one with Anthony Bordain because he recently killed himself and his loss was deeply troubling to me. He went to India he went to the golden temple. I saw how they feed so many people for free. It struck a spark in me. Why cant I open a free kitchen and also can I become a Sikh? I have started a GofundMe called Kitchen of the People, I have changed my name to Singh, but not legal name. I have started covering my head in public. I have had discussion's with my mother who is an open minded Christian. In her opinion she think's it may be only for Indian people and that it is rude or ill mannered for me to take on the role. I just want to know. Am I doing something wrong. Can I be a Sikh?

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