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2019-12-03 04:19:39 -0500 asked a question What should I do? Really confused

Let’s call this person X. He is my college classmate. So it happened something like this. He knows how to do wear nice turban, so I asked him if he could teach it to me in his free time. He said yes but then he asked me to give my table to him in exchange for that. That didn’t seem much wrong to me. But slowly I realised he comes to me only when he needs something. He didn’t talk to me nice other than when he needed something. He was very astute and was one of those who care so much about their exteriors. One day I got frustrated and put this to an end. We didn’t talk for months. Fast forward: we started talking and he put one condition that he would not take any monetary favours from me. I said okay. But it didn’t end there. He used to come to my apartment and take small things like stationary items. One day I asked him to buy me a specific drug as he was going near a pharmacy and to my shock he charged me thrice the amount for bringing it. I didn’t say anything thinking it might be a joke. But he kept the money. Fast forward: so we had an exam and it was of my favourite subject. I usually got quite high marks in that particular subject. But in other courses he used to score good and thought of himself as some kind of genius. Exam day: there we multiple choice questions and he didn’t know most of them, I helped him with that. Then in next part were short answer questions. I didn’t know a bit of them and asked for some hints. He was of no help. He kept telling others and just ignored me. This doesn’t end there. After the exam he started telling people that I am not as good in that subject as I claim to be and that I was asking him very easy questions. I was really shocked. How much double-faced and manipulative a person can be. Next day I was having fight with someone in our whatsapp group. I was just defending myself never did I initiate the fight. Then others were telling our to stop. It was clearly the fault of other guy who initiated it. But this guy X told the other person to remove me from the group. It then lead to whole series of problems. And the fight also started because of some text he sent in the group. After that next day in exam he told someone to tell me he will complain if I ask him anything. But obviously the opposite happened. I knew the answers and he was begging others for simplest of the questions. We didn’t talk and then he blocked me. I really don’t understand the whole situation. Can anyone please help me to analyse this ... (more)

2019-09-03 02:50:47 -0500 answered a question To believe or not to believe ?

Yes we should.. after all hope is one thing that keeps you going.. I have never seen one person who believes in God and does good deed, feeling stressed or anxious

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2019-09-03 01:18:55 -0500 answered a question Feeling stuck in universe

Don’t worry my friend. God is there with you. God watches us and cares for us. Sometimes God gives us challenges to see if we can survive. I advise you to keep yourself busy and along with that pray to Him. Only few lucky ones get his human life and you are lucky. Take care of your health and your soul. All the best.. help others it gives you immense joy

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But you can’t be because that person is shallow and self obsessed and you seem quite the opposite

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Now you are confusing me even more...are you that person or not

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I seem to confused with someone else.. sorry

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Thank you for your answer but there’s more Yesterday when I saw you, all those memories resurfaced. during night I had a dream and it was specifically about you.. we became friends again and all that. When I woke up I thought why I am thinking about you and now I saw this.

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For the rest of the journey I came back to my dads car. But still you have some expectations from certain people whom you care for.

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I don’t have expectations from people. When I was in Class 11th we were going on a road trip from Germany to Switzerland. I was in my uncle’s car. I had to pee, but as it was his car he told me to wait. That day I realised nobody except your parents care about you no matter what.

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My health issue was psychosis and obsession and even now couldn’t help but had a dream in which we were friends again. I can’t stop thinking but those medicines are making me Idk what

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2019-09-02 01:00:04 -0500 asked a question Why I get to be the bad guy

I came with a group of friends to visit a city for a conference. It was the first time I travelled for so long in a train like an adult. I am very choosy in terms of food and eat only selected items. By the end of the first day my brain was literally going to explode and I was not well. I have anal fissure which was bleeding. My head was all shaking. It was 8 pm and we had time to go to visit places, but my friends wasted time on useless things and made late. In the conference I was so much distressed but they didn’t seem to care and made fun of me. Next day I had an early morning presentation. None of them even cared to come and see it. Instead they went to visit places and said I did the same. After that we met for lunch and I still was sick. I went to visit places the city without them and missed the events. And after that one of our bosses took them to a good place and gave them a nice dinner. They didn’t even ask me if I would like to join. Now they are three and I am one. And I have a reputation that I don’t get along with people. But I don’t understand is it my fault? Now they are not picking up my phone. They even didn’t take my certificates which caused a huge loss to me. I am feeling stressed. Please help..

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2018-07-31 12:04:45 -0500 asked a question what should i do?

There is a student in my college who abuses me a lot. Earlier I lived in hostel next to his room and he literally tortured me- damaged my things, even beat me apart from mental torture. I complained against him to the authorities, my room is far from him now, but he still keeps bothering me. He calls me names, uses foul language, abuses me now verbally only. I feel sad. I don't say anything in return. I am scared to talk to him. Gurbani teaches we should treat everyone nicely. But what should I do? I don't want to abuse or use bad language. I can't complain because it is only verbal and authorities will say its childish. Should I just ignore him? I feel depression after episodes of attack from him. How can I overcome this without talking to him?