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2012-06-16 09:14:15 -0500 asked a question Loving a girl from amother caste

Basically me and this girl have really gotten close to each other so much that I had spoke to my mom about marriage. Due to my dad being amritdhaari, we never paid enough attention to our caste, and my mom was Jatt so thats what we were told that we were whilst growing up. Today i fimd out by my mother I am a mix of Jatt and Tarkhaan, which dosent bother me but I know the fathers girl wants a pure Jatt. I am ready to do anything for this girl and she knows that but its this pure Jatt thats pulling me very back.

What would you guys do to comvince a strict father like hers ?

I mean i don't think by giving a lecture on caste will help anyway but all yours opinions will be thanked

thank you again