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2013-09-12 19:06:23 -0500 answered a question Black magic believers

Why is it no one on this site knows how to logically approach a problem that other people are having? For instance Jas, it could be that your brother is suffering from anxiety and your fathers superstitious habits are directly affecting him. I would recommend that your brother gets to a doctor and get looked at.

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Hey I recently met a girl online. We communicated through email at first, then texting, and with in a week we were about to have our first date. We had an instant connection, a lot of our up bringing was the same, our family's, and morals and values. Long story short, we had sex on the first date. We were head over heels at first and even talked about marriage and moving in together all by the third date.

I am still trying to figure out if its just lust/infatuation or if there really is a genuine connection. I feel a bit scared and hesitant. She feels a bit scared too but really seems to be into me from what I can tell.

Has anyone else been in my shoes and how did you go about it? What is your take on sex before marriage? Just looking for some advice :)