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2018-08-02 01:27:42 -0500 answered a question I am Amritdhari and unhappy in marriage

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh. Veerji, I understand your restlessness and anger due to your wife's failure of following Rehat. But I want to share something. I have also experienced this witg my husband and our situation was opposite to yours. We have been married for 6 yrs. We both are amritdhari sikhs, my husband does nt recite gurbani as much but still he ties a turban and follows the Rehat. Since last few months he has been pressurising me to remove facial hair as I had some hair growth on my chin recently. He even start avoiding going out with me as he said he's embarrassed. I have been firm in keeping my kes as they grow naturally. Our life is much more than outward appearance. I have been crying for so many days as I couldn't deal with my husband's rude behavior towards me . But I had faith "Gurusahib sap meri patt rakhange". All I prayed for whenever I did ardaas was that we always be able to follow this path we chose. And finally Gurusahib answered my prayer one day when I discussed with my husband how important it is for me to follow Rehat. It was a surprise as to how his matt changed overnight. Since that day he has never asked me to shave.

The reason I shared my story is I am sure if u leave it on Gurusahib he will definitely change your wife's views towards Rehat and Sikhi. Just keep asking for gursikhi jeevan in ur ardaas everytime and prayflr wife to understand girsikhi. When she herself will start falling in love with baani and love for Gurusahib, she would definitely follow his hukams without questioning . Also try to take her in sangat as much as u can. She has lived with people for whom trimming their eyebrows and other practices are so normal. Now Gurusahib has sent her to you. It's your duty to take her in the company of gursikhs and help her.
Lastly, I would request you never to think of leaving her or ending your life, as we have been wandering for ages after which Gurusahib blessed us with this human body which will help us to walk forward towards the guru. Don't let this life slip out of your hands so easily.
Just have some patience and faith in Gurusahib. He will definitely bless you and your family with gursikhi jeevan. I also want you to read Bhai Vir Singh ji's letters on a boom called 'patit ubaaran'. You MUST read them or listen to their audios available on YouTube. Bhul chuk maaf. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.

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Thanks for your support, I am already on hormonal treatment since last 3 months and I am doing all I can. I m just so sad to find out the fact that your outward appearance matters so much to the world.

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I am a 29 yr old amritdhari Sikh women married to a 32 yr Sikh man for 7 years. We also have a 4 yr old son. I am also tying a dastaar since 3 years and I have always been very committed to keep my kes uncut and natural. During and after my pregnancy I have had hormonal disturbances leading to hirsutism. My facial hair is now very prominent. I m working on my hormones to level to normal. But I m still committed to keep my body hair natural . Since a few months my husband has been very bothered with my facial hair. To so much extent that he is ashamed to go with me in public. And he wants me to go for laser hair removal for my face. I see my relationship and family being severely affected because of this issue. My husband's behavior towards me has become so rude. I am so stressed constantly of how to make him understand and make this work. I m really desperate for help. Any women who has been through this,your advoce means so much to me.