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2014-01-15 17:47:04 -0500 asked a question What is bir ras?

Gurfateh Ji!

I have always been curious as to what bir ras is exactly, I have heard of the term many a time and always assumed it would be something to do with vairaag...please help me understand this spiritual term.

Bhul chuk muaf karna,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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2013-11-06 02:43:32 -0500 answered a question to acheive my aim

Gurfateh ji,

The beauty of Sikhi and gurbani is that there is no such thing as doing a specific bani in order to achieve a specific thing in long as you do paath with your heart not your mind or just for the sake of doing it. There are many instances in the Gurus' time when our Gurus would hear a devotee do paath with a lot of as a reward they would tell the devotee that they will give the devotee whatever it wants...and the devotee asks for something, without realising that the Guru had something much bigger in store for them, and that what they asked for, was nothing in compared to what the Guru was planning on giving them. So I guess I am just saying that when you do paath don't do it for a wish to be fulfilled, as our Guru will give it to us or something even greater if he wishes to do so...I hope that makes sense :)

Bhul chuk muaf karna


2013-11-06 02:29:44 -0500 answered a question Confused about whether I must keep my hair

Gurfateh Veer ji,

First of all I just wanted to say that I am terribly sorry that you are having to go through this, but Guru ji is on your side so don't worry!!

Okay, so basically I am going to give you an answer to the reasons that your family told you to cut your hair, from my own experiences-

  • "You need to look need neat and presentable"

In today's modern world there are many other ways to look 'neat and presentable' rather than having to sacrifice your faith. Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave us a kanga for this exact reason, so that we can keep our hair clean and hygienic. An option could be to tie up your beard to look presentable, which although I do not support, many male Sikhs do. But hey, it's better than shaving it! I would like to share a link with you that I personally found quite inspiring and am sure you would too-

Jagmeet Singh is an amritdhari Singh who is an MP and was voted as one of the most stylish in Toronto and was even on the front page of this magasine- and the greatest thing is that has kept intact with his faith. I think you can see the point I was getting at :)

  • "It is very hard to maintain long hair"

I haven't cut my hair in my whole life, and my hair is down to my knees. Trust me, it is easy to maintain long hair! Plus,that is the reason why guru ji gave us the dastar/turban so that our hair would be kept protected and would hence be easier to maintain :)

  • "It is very hard to tie a turban"

Wow, pppffftt no way! It has been a year since I started tying a dastar, and let me tell you something, I literally learnt how to tie it overnight! Yep that's right. One day, I just had this sudden urge to start tying a dastar and I told my parents about it and they were really supportive...I had school the next day and was a bit nervous, especially because everyone loved my long hair so I was scared of what their reaction would be...anyhow so I practised tying it once the night before and since then I have never taken it off (btw no one ever taught me how to tie one):) Yes it is true that some people learn quicker than others, however I promise you that it won't take you more than 2 weeks to learn how to tie a turban...that's only if your passionate about it. Other than that I recommend you watch youtube videos on how to tie a turban (they are millions of them!) Oh and the other thing is that all you really need to have is strength in your wrists to be able to tie a neat and pleated turban ... (more)

2013-11-04 00:34:55 -0500 answered a question new sikh need guidance

waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh,

I really feel for you, and am saddened to know that you are having a hard time trying to establish your identity due to the choices your mother has made. However, trust me this is the beginning of the most beautiful journey you will experience in your whole lifetime, and I sincerely congratulate you for making a decision to walk this path, and you won't ever look back :) Before saying anything else I do not want to dishearten you but just want to let you know that this path is described to be khanneo tikhi valo nikki in other words sharper than a khanda (double edged sword) and finer than a hair. I guess what I am trying to say is that yes this path is difficult and at some points in time you will find it hard, however it is the same for anyone embarking this spiritual journey and good things in life are always hard to do. Anyway, the khalsa panth is always there to support each other, so I am sure that you will find someone who can understand you...whether it is another sikh friend or God himself :)

Now to the nitty gritty of this all! Speaking as an amritdhari teenager myself the first thing I would say is learn about Sikh history and its background/beliefs. You should do this by reading saakhis (historical stories, watching videos on youtube or even going to the Gurudwara (which can be hard since you probably won't be able to go unless your mum lets you). In order to embrace Sikhi you need to learn to love, you need to be able to feel the pain when a fellow Sikh has been hurt or when you hear of the downfall of Sikhs in Punjab. So I guess the main point here is create a beautiful bond between yourself and Sikhi... that will get you EXTREMELY far and will motivate you to do things. So again in order to do this you need knowledge first.

Aside from this you also need to have a strong connection with Punjabi which is our mother tongue. This is because this is the only way you will able to read and understand Gurbani as well as pray (although you can get translations in English, however its not the same thing). You can learn Punjabi through the internet, going to the local gurudwara and talking to the elderly or maybe even ask your mum to speak Punjabi with you while your at home!

After a strong connection grows between you and Sikh (and Punjabi) it will be very easy for you to live the Sikh lifestyle and you may even want to become amritdhari (a baptised Sikh). Although there are many obstacles on this path, you will be successful because if there is a will there is a way, and the biggest thing is that you have God on your side!

The last thing I ... (more)

2013-11-03 22:21:57 -0500 asked a question sant isher singh ji rarasahib wale

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

I was just watching some old kirtan/parchaar videos when I came accross this video ( of Mahapursh Sant Isher Singh Jirara Sahib Wale and was just curious to know why he wore sunglasses while doing kirtan as he was not blind unlike other ragi singhs who wear sunglasses while doing kirtan.

Bhul Chuk Muaf Karna. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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2013-10-18 04:45:56 -0500 asked a question '84 dreams

waheguru ji ka kkhalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,

For the past few years now I have been having extremely frequent dreams about the 1984 Sikh Genocide, where I am continously the arrested, killed or tortured however in someone else's body. This may sound really weird but it's been happening to me for a long time all began from as early as I can remember which was when I was 6 years old when I saw the Maachis movie which is about '84 and found out about what happened...and ever since then I have these dreams where the police picked me up from house and took me to jail where I was continously tortured. Then there was also one where I was at Darbar Sahib when all of a sudden police came and my kirpan was taken off me and my family was kept hostage,and because the crowd was so big I also lost my dad. I still remember this dream vividly becuase then the policeman got his AK47 and began to walk into a room with my sisters and mum and other ladies...I began running into the room when I saw everyone lined up against the wall and the policeman shooting them dead...that's when I woke up. I have had countless dreams similar to these and the scary thing is that they all seem so real and I can remember them vivdly even a long time after having the dream.

I have a lot of interest in and read a lot about the Shaheed Singhs from that time and their life style as well as the stories of the victims. And although I don't live in India and am born and brought up in pardes, I have a really strong connection with 1984 and Punjab and have this urge from within, to fight the injustice that the Sikh kaum had to go through almost 30 years ago.

Do you think all these dreams and my love for Punjab has any significant connection to anything? My relatives always jokingly say that I may have been a victim of the genocide in my past life, but then I always think if I were a shaheed in my past life would I really be here now?

Thanks and bhul chuk muaf karna. Wjkk wjkf

2013-10-18 04:16:46 -0500 answered a question Amrit-Vela Problem

I can relate when I first began waking up at amritvela I was 12 years old. Let's just say that the only thing that kept me from experiencing such amazing bliss was that it would be cold and dark in the morning and no one else in my family would be up...then as I got older I began staying up at night to study for my exams, and after I finished studying, it would usually be time for amritvela (around 3 or 4 in the morning). So I decided that I would do my nitnem before finally going to sleep... I still remember I was doing Jaap Sahib and realised how peaceful and nice it was to be doing paath like that, it was an amazing experience! But then all of a sudden my mind didn't like the idea of me enjoying such an experience and it began playing tricks on me and told me that there was something behind me and that someone was watching me and crazy things like that. Then for the rest of my nitnem I would keep my eyes open and would be too scared to even blink!

Ahaha now that I think of it, I can't believe that I let my mind take over me and steal such precious moments where I could have enjoyed my amritvela. So I guess what I am trying to say is that don't worry we have all been through it before and that all you need to do is control your imagination and don't let it run loose!! Because that is what will stop you from enjoying your amritvela. Even gurbani says that our mind is evil. Only listen to that small inner voice, which is your conscience and soul, which will lead you on the right path.

Best of luck chote veere, and just remember that your Guru ji's little bhujhangee he won't let anything happen to you in a million years :)

2013-10-18 04:00:39 -0500 answered a question amritdhari's marriage to non-amritdhari(Rule)

Fateh ji, I am not sure about the books but according to Sikh rehat maryada, an Amritdhari gursikh can only marry another amritdhari gursikh...there is no question of marrying a non-amritdhari, and the day one shaks amrit they accept this. The only opition would be for the non-amritdhari to also have amrit di daat, especially if that person is a gursikh it should be easier :) Best of luck, and I hope that helped...bhul chuk muaf karna Wjkk Wjkf

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2013-09-01 08:26:23 -0500 answered a question Women's turban size

I agree, the bigger the better!! I used to have the same problem when i first began tying a dastar... my hair was too thick and long while my dastar material was not sufficient in length. My parents dont really like a big dastar either however i LOVE IT! My dastar is 15 metres long, and some reasons are that first of all it is very good protection for your head and another is that you stand out more. I totally agree with the bhenji who said that a small dastar feels like a topi, a big dastar makes me feel grand and loyal and i actually feel like guru gobind singh ji's little singhni :) so yer that's just my opinion. Oh and now my parents are fine with it since I told them how and why I feel and that I prefer to tie a bigger dastar :)good luck with your dastar and I hope everything works out!

2013-09-01 07:59:28 -0500 answered a question turban problems

as veer ji said already usually the cloth is malmal which is a very comfortable and light material, and as for the length it really depends. I have long hair up to my knees which is quite thick which is why my dastar material is quite long. Just to give you an idea; my bunga material is about 2 meters, keski (first dastar) is about 8 meters, and dastar (final dastar) is about 15 meters. It also depends on personaly choice and the style with which you tie your dastar for example i generally tie a zig zag dastar which requires more material, however if it is a simple gol dastar then you would not need as much. Hope this helped :)

2013-09-01 07:55:19 -0500 answered a question women's turban

it really depends, personally I tie a bunga. A bunga is when you get your hair and a long cloth. Then you tie your cloth around your hair so that you can only see your hair on your head/scalp. Then twist the cloth/dastar that your hair is in, and tie it on top of your head as if you were tying a bun. The tightness is upto you but the tighter it is the more stable your dastar would be. When I first started tying my dastar I used to just tie a bun on top of my head but I realised that by the end of the day my kes/joora/bun would become so loose in my dastar that it would feel like my dastar was going to fall off! So i highly recommend doing it the bunga way :) bhul chuk muaf karna, and good luck with your bun tying :) waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

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2013-09-01 07:03:17 -0500 asked a question worldly evil getting to me

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

I am feeling extremely ashamed at the moment having to try to express myself, however I feel that my fellow Sikh brothers and sisters online will help me throughout this rough path. I am an amritdhari 15 year old and everything was going very well until recently i have really felt the urge to wear my hair down. I tie a dastar by the way... dont get me wrong I would never walk out of my house with my hair down let alone public, but I seriously don't want these feelings/thoughts to lead to anything bad. I especially feel guilty because the main reason why I feel this way is because Baba ji has blessed me with very nice long hair that is extremely smooth and silky and light brown in colour...but instead of wanting to take good care of it and continue tying it up in my dastar,like a gursikh should...i am having the urge to show it off to the world like i used to before tying my dastar (been about a year now). Could someone please suggest ways I could overcome these worldly and manmukhi thoughts! Bhul chuk muaf karna. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

2013-08-31 21:59:57 -0500 answered a question i want to become sikh...

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Bhenji/Veer ji.

The most loveable thing about Sikhi is that you can do any paath/prayer at any time anywhere... as long as you are contemplating on God's name and remembering Him :) however, according to the rehat maryade (Sikh code of Conduct, followed by Amritdhari or baptised Sikhs) you do Panj Baania (5 Prayers) in the morning (before dawn) which are Japji Sahib,Jaap Sahib, Chaupai Sahib, Tav Prasad Swaiye and Anand Sahib... which all together takes about 45 minutes. Then in the afternoon before dusk a Sikh is to do Rehiras Sahib (10-15 minutes) and at night before going to bed a Sikh is to do Kirtan Sohila (2-5 minutes). I hope this helped. Bhul chuk muaf karna (forgive me if i have written anything wrong). Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh.

2013-08-31 21:53:16 -0500 answered a question Child care worker and being Amritdhari.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh bhenji,

I also live in Australia and my mata ji works in a child care/kindergarten. Hoenstly, it depends on which room you are working in, as the rooms are divided according to age. So if you are in the older rooms you do not have to worry about the met issue as the children would be capable to eat by themselves. If that does't work then you can just tell your boss that as you are a vegetarian for religious reasons you do not feel comfortable handling meat. As for the kirpan issue my mata ji just wears her kirpan underneath all her clothes and she hasnt told her boss about it either because since there are such less amritdhari sikh in australia people can be extremely judgemental when it comes to sikhs wearing kirpans, so there's is no issue with that :) good luck for the future and i hope you are successful with what you aspire to do. bhul chuk muaf karna. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

2013-08-31 21:46:49 -0500 answered a question Accomodation Required for 1 week in New york Gurudwara

I think you should be able to, however it depends on the Gurudwara Committee. The committees nowadays are quite corrupt and even though the assistant in running, managing and keeping the gurudwara in good condition they do not abide by the Guru's orders. Anyhow, I wish you all the luck and hope you are successful in finding a place to stay. Bhul chuk muaf karna. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh