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My aunt died some days back... she was a very pure soul very nice ..never did anything wrong intentionally in her life ...she also had visited 5 takhat’s ...she daily went to gurdwara and did path..she was humble..her life till now was very struggling it was her time to be happy ..her children were settled(professionaly) but not married yet..her son’s marriage is in December(6 months after her death) she had so many dreams..she was so nice and humble ..she always prayed ..but still she died without seeing anything she wished for ...why waheguru ji did this? ...oh bimaar v ni c bilkul(55 age) ..ek choti jayi surgery layi gaye c (tonsillitis) ..anesthisa di overdose hogyi ...oh enna path karde c ...bas ek shonk c mein apne bacheya da vyah dekh la settle kar da ohna nu..waheguru ji ek wish poori kar dinde ..kehnde ne path kro gurdware jao jo chao sab milda hai ...sorry agr meri koi gal galt likhi hoye...i just wanted to ask this question but i did’nt know i posted this here..thankyou