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2018-07-08 22:21:12 -0500 asked a question Can i do waheguru simran after eating meat?

SSA, I have recently started waheguru simran meditation. I like to do it twice in a day: morning and night before going to bed. I am a non-vegetarian and eat meat. Now i want to know that can i do simran after eating chicken in dinner. I really like to do simran before i sleep as it relaxes my mind and a able to sleep peacefully.

2018-06-27 20:25:07 -0500 commented answer How do i leave this meditation group? Please help

Thank you for answering my question. I have removes the picture of Nirmala devi from my room and now I just do path, waheguru simran and visit gurudwara

2018-06-27 20:16:15 -0500 commented question How do i leave this meditation group? Please help

I starting meditating last year in October. Initially, I just used to close my eyes and let go of all the thoughts that used to come to my mind. It was really hard initially to even sit for 5 mins but with regular practice, I became better. If you want you can also play waheguru simran

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2018-06-14 21:18:22 -0500 asked a question How do i leave this meditation group? Please help

SSA Everyone, I am Sikh girl and was brought up in a Gursikh family where my parents only believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I was born & brought up in India but after my graduation I came to Canada for higher studies and now its been 7 years in this country. One and a half years back, I got married to a guy in India and within first two weeks, my marriage turned into a very abusive marriage. He was a Sikh guy but he used to beat me every now & then and used to insult me in front of his friends and used to call me by very filthy names. After two months, I left everything and came back to Canada but I was very depressed and in shock as I never thought that this will happen to me. I was not able to sleep at nights and at that time, I found this Meditation group called Sahaja Yoga ( founded by Nirmala Devi) and I started practicing their meditation and other techniques like foot-soaking daily and I started getting into normal sleep routine without any effort. If I would miss a day, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. But after 3 months, the group members started taking me to other house meetings where they all will gather and do meditation and found out that they consider this lady (Nirmala Devi) as a ultimate supreme power (even above Guru nanak & Jesus) which is very hard for me to accept as I have always believed in Guru Granth Sahib as the ultimate. So, whithin 4 months of meditation, I stopped going to classes and stopped that meditation. after 3 months, I started getting back problems in my life. My family is also suffering from some major problems. Then I did meditate for 3 days and all the problems started to solve. I am not able to understand that why is this happening and I am unable to leave this meditation group? I don't know what to believe now. In the morning I do my Japji sahib path and at night I meditate in front of Nirmala Devi picture. This is very confusing for me. I am also afraid that if I leave her meditation technique, then I will suffer through major problems. Please advise on this.