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2013-07-28 04:26:46 -0600 answered a question Afraid to be Amritdhari.

Fear could be an obstacle in our way, we are nervious or we have fear before an exam, even if we know everythingabout the exam. I'll just suggest u to go on our ur way and we a guru ka khalsa, u r really very lucky to be guru Gobind Singh's piara, After beeing a amrit thari sikh you'll be known as Dasam guru's son, and it would be a honor for anyone to be known as guru's son. One advise, when u r feared look at your hand and when u see the kara in your hand think that it's not a kara, it's the hand of our guru, who's always with us.

2013-07-28 04:11:32 -0600 answered a question why dont you eat meat?

We don't eat meat cause our guru sahib told us not no eat meat. I personally don't eat meat because you r eating a living being. It's logic that if u eat meat u had to kill that beeing before, and it's a crime to kill someone only for your taste. We can live perfectly without eating meat, without killing, so why kill (they also have soul) Eat meat is a very egoistic act.

2013-07-28 04:03:37 -0600 answered a question Whys your hair so long?

it's long because we don't cut it. I used to cut it 6 years ago but one day in gurudwara sahib, bhaiji told us that god made us and it means that guru sahib wanted us to have long hair, and thats why it uses to grow. If god want our hair to be long, then who are we to cut it. We don't cut our hair cause it's a way to be in guru's bhana.