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Kurma avatar is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu subsequent the Matsya Avatar. The term karma means Tortoise, plus the story of the Kurma Avatar of Vishnu has its start in the Puranas. The Kurma Avatar was reserved by Lord Vishnu to aid the Gods victory the amrita otherwise elixir of life above the demons through the mixing of the sea. All the stories stated in the Puranas have a more profound significance. Likewise, the Kurma Avatar story has a deep meaning that has to be understood.

[Kurma avatar- The furtive and the meaning](

According to the puranic story, the Gods plus Demons had mixed the ocean to get the tonic of life. The churning is represented by a literal tow of war among the Gods plus Demons in the story. The sea is evocative of the deep awareness or the humanoid mind. The Gods plus demons themselves represent our private good as well as satanic tendencies. The tug of war signifies the struggle in our own selves to select among the good plus bad karma in our daily life. And by the choices that we create by our individual free will, it is determined whether we acquire a chance toward taste the tonic of life (represented through liberation from samsara) or continue mortal.

In the puranic story, the churning twig is Mount Mandara that is used toward churn the sea. Mount Mandarasignifies the sum entire of all our hard work in this life that are used toward churn our own thought procedure and grow our mind. While the Mount Mandara starts sinking in the middle ocean (representing our own desolation in life), Lord Vishnu takes the shape of a tortoise plus attaches himself to the base of stop the mountain from descending. Also in the story, at one point, the peak increases higher (representing our own vanity) and the Mount Mandara goes out of variety for it toward churn the sea. It is over Lord Vishnu who takes the form of an eagle as well as sits on topmost to balance the weightiness and comprehensive the churning.

KURMA AVATAR- THE PURANIC STORY The story starts with a meeting among Sage Durvasaplus Lord Indra. Sage Durvasa as a mark of esteem offers a circlet of flowers toward Lord Indra. The monarch of Gods, Lord Indra who is placed on his elephant, Airavata, takes the circlet of flowers plus places it on the forehead of the elephant. The elephant takings the garland as well as throws it downcast on the earth.

The chief of mentors Durvasa, annoyed at this discourteous treatment of his gift, announces to the King of Gods that his realm will be ruined.

Fate acts to accomplish the words of Sage Durvasaplus the Asuras (demons) announce war on the Gods. The Gods want to taste the fluid of immortality plus approach Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu counsels the Gods to churn the sea along with the Demons as well as offer them a part of ... (more)