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2012-06-01 04:41:33 -0500 commented answer will sikhs survive

no u made no mistake , only thing is make people aware around you who have created such environment , about how much u love sikh panth ,and if possible plz let this fragrance reach the today sikh youth , wahe guru jee ka khalsa, wahe gurur jee kee fateh ....

2012-05-19 02:50:32 -0500 asked a question will sikhs survive

now days i have noticed a big new trend in our sikh society , our educated boys are not getting match for there marriage , as every single sikh girl prefer clean shaven over a sikh supporting beard and turbone , now these particular cases are high where the parents and the brothers of these girls are maintaing tere hairs properly , and about sikh girls in whose family ppl don't support the idea of sikh maryada of supporting beard and turbone for them we don't need to raise such a question , thing here i am not discussing about the girls going stray , what i want to bring to the notice of my sikh ppl is that "end of sikh" will be by own "kaurs" or say daughters , we cannot force them to like our sikh boys , but then what sikh will do to run his race , and let me tell u my frnz , just ask our own daughters at our home whom they want to marry if given a choice , she will be happy to go with a clean shave , then all my dear parents and my brothers who support the views of Guru Gobind Singh Jee , will have no good educated match to get there kid or them self settled respectively

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