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2013-06-17 11:15:07 -0500 answered a question i am a muslim in love with anritdhari silh girl . we love each other can we get married

nope no chance of getting married religiously like the above comment says in both a mosque and gudwara. The main reason why most people convert to religion when marriage is involved is because so the religion can carry on and there would be no different views or opinions. I suspect it would be difficult because sikhism and islam are both very different religions--different views and opinions.

In terms of conversion honestly unless your heart and mind is set then do it. Don't convert if you have no desire in your heart otherwise you're living a lie. On the flip side many couples with different religions get along and live a happy life. It is all about how you both feel. You both need to sit down and talk it over because whatever happens will be a huge impact in your life.

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2013-06-12 19:12:25 -0500 answered a question Is Sikhism Dying?

sikhism is NOT dying. Nowadays religion is shown via the outside--the religious outerwear. Inside the mind is a different situation. I cut my hair BUT the love i have for sikhism and God inside me is..inevitable. There could be completely different religious thinking on the inside than the outside. Plus with your comment on sikhs being attractive to girls..that should not be the priority! the only priority should be loving and being one with God, not worrying about lust..

2013-06-12 19:06:31 -0500 asked a question Why is this happening?

i am in my 2nd year of law...i tried SO hard-- did all my revision and hard work to try to achieve a high grade as they count towards the classification...i ended up with an F????? I will not be getting a 2:1 which i desperately want and need. I cry over the thought of getting a 2:2 as it will not help me in the job market when i graduate.

what is God trying to tell me????? I believe in God and everything happening being God's will but the feelings of suicide and sadness accumulate in me. i try so, so, so HARD in my studies yet still fail. Even after the absymal results i turned to God for strength and hope but as i look to my current present self i feel God is not responding back to me...