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2014-02-15 00:20:27 -0500 asked a question How to prakash Dasam Granth at home?

I already have Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj's prakash at home and are aware of the prakash and sukhasan activities of Maharaj. However I am also interested in keeping Dasam Granth Sahib's Beerh too at home. Can someone guide me what are the various sevas I am suppose to do to have it installed in my house properly? And if we are also suppose to do prakash and sukhasan of Dasam granth sahib and what is the correct way of doing it?

2013-07-20 04:13:45 -0500 answered a question can a amritdhari sikh eat meat?

To understand the concept of eating non veg you have to understand this topic in detail. Although to live you have to eat other living things. Now there are three type of living things vegetation, animals and humans.

According to Gurbani life is most conscious in humans followed by animals and then least conscious is vegetation. For example when during operations doctors give you anaesthetic and while you are alive during the operation you dont feel any pain when doctors cut you. Similarly in vegetation, thought alive, it doesnt feel any pain when you eat it. Animals do feel pain and humans feel the most. The more you climb up the ladder of living organisms the more alive and conscious the organism is. One thing which is even more conscious than humans is a Brahgyani.

Now you eat vegetarian so that you dont kill or hurt a living thing which is conscious and feel pain.

But also remember that there is shabad in Gurbani which explains that with every breathe we are killing thousands of microorganisms. With each gulp of water we are drinking many living organisms present in it. With each step we kill many insects. In Islam & christianity eating non veg is allowed and is part of their basic diet so there is no reason to consider the one who doesnt eat higher than the one that does. Having said this Gurbani doesnt agree with eating non veg to satisfy our taste buds. Food is a need of the physical body and not the soul or mann. One eats to satisfy the need of the physical body but these days we eat to satisfy our taste buds and mann. We have created the need of the body a need of our mann(soul) by endulging in tastes.

I hope that was of some help.

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2013-07-03 10:13:11 -0500 answered a question AKJ Amrit Sanchaar


I completely reject the notion that both husband and wife need to take amrit together. Woman alone or man alone can also take amrit even if they are in marriage and their partner dont want to take amrit.

Your commitment to your guru and to Vaheguru is at your own personal level and not at a level of a relationship of any kind. One's father could be a drug addict, one's mother could be a prostitute, one's husband/wife could be a criminal or anybody but any of this in no shape could hinder you to become Khalsa if you are pure at heart.

If anyone believe what is said in above answers I think they really havent understood sikhi to the core. You cannot make someone follow the guru. This journey is walked alone with no support and with noone accompanying you. I am shocked at the answers. What logic does it make for wife not to have sex with her husband if she is amritdhari and her husband isn't. Sikhism is the most modern religion which rejects any kind of illogical reasoning. And if people believe in above statements I think it could take centuries before sikhi is actually understood by humans.

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2013-06-22 00:43:15 -0500 asked a question Sanatan Sikhi?

Can anyone explain about Sanatan Sikhism which is being propogated by Nihang Nidar Singh? Is that the truth?

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2013-06-12 02:09:14 -0500 asked a question God both nirgun and sargun?

Can someone explain why god is being referred as both nirgun and sargun in gurbani at the same time?

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2013-06-09 01:09:37 -0500 asked a question Experience during meditation

I have started meditation at 4am in the morning and it has been more than a month. From 20 mins I now manage to sit for an hour easily without any trouble. I want to sit longer but somehow in the last few minutes I start to feel warm and jitter a bit and couldnt continue any longer. How should I prolong my meditation experience and what is it that I experience?

2013-06-09 00:52:07 -0500 answered a question 99 names of Allah

It is perfectly fine to recite any name and all names of the one. However when doing simran I believe you focus on reciting one name only. It could be Vaheguru, could be ram, raheem, hari whatever you want. Changing names during simran might affect your concentration.

Earlier I personally felt more when I used to recite Brahm or Allah. However I have practiced to recite Vaheguru now. It took me a while to get my concentration on Vaheguru for some reason but now it really helps. I dont know the science behind the name Vaheguru. But it is the rhythm of this word and the way it takes the sound to different levels that it helps me more to focus during naam simran. Va He Gu Ru. These four alphabets make your tongue touch different parts of your mouth to generate different sounds which for some reason really help focussing during naam abhiaas.

Hope this was of some help.

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2013-05-26 00:26:47 -0500 answered a question what i have learnt to be the sad truth. and the question

These are sikh granths but not our Gurus. They are to be respected as they have bani of Guru Gobind Singh in them but not to be mistaken them with Guru which is only one. We are suppose to understand them as well. Each chapter in Dasam Granth is written by Guru Gobind Singh unlike many who believe it to be the writings of his kavis which is not true.

There are 2 kind of sikhs in world today. One who dont know these granths at all and feel others are threatening the Guru Granth Sahib by bringing them into the picture. And then there are second kind of sikhs who literally think there are 3 Gurus.

2013-05-26 00:21:29 -0500 answered a question New Believer in Sikhism (Ex Muslim)

It is my humble request to you that before you do anything. Just understand Japji Sahib. Maskeenji's detailed audio translations are available online for the whole Japji Sahib. This alone would tell you everything you need to know about sikhism. This is the foundation of Sikhism. Following rehat maryada doesnt mean anything if you dont understand the meaning of Gurbani specially Japji now that you are new to Sikhism.