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2015-03-06 15:52:16 -0600 answered a question Is there a line in guru granth sahib ji which tells us not to cut hair

Mr Guruka Singh, Pleasse then enlighten me about the fact that if that's the theory 7 billion people on this Earth roughly cut their hair partially or fully. Should we come to a conclusion that all seven billion souls are sinners or not fully humans? or they don't have any chance of progressing in this Birth, unless they grow their hair

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Hi meet, well as far my understanding goes it (spaced out) means that there is no more existence required an out of space condition, we require space to exist but going beyond space will make us infinite. Akal Purakh is infinite he has no form as such which we humans can imagine and Gurbani always tells us and urges us to merge back into Waheguru. Now what it's like going back to our source. We define god as infinite, omnipresence , omnipotent which has no end no beginning. So when we say that once we are liberated and when we become one with god it means that our consciousness attains the same status like that of Akal Purakh, so we experience the same bliss as being infinite , omnipotent etc coz there is no difference btw us and Akal, we go beyond KAL and hence we don't require Space to exist so it's called as the state of being spaced out.

Lower Chakras indicate Worldly attachments and when we don't rid ourselves from Worldly attachments then we have to take birth again and again so it means that we get entangled in Worldly things and never get freed from it. That's why we should do all our efforts to strive hard to achieve higher Chakras.

2013-11-25 14:15:06 -0600 answered a question Akaashic ethers,nether regions and the three worlds

Aakashic ethers means the empty sky and spaces in the Universe. In eastern philosophy space occupies important place in the creation because the matter requires space to exist if there is no space there will be no material existence. It has been talked about in detail by many Sikh scholars. The shabad which you are pointing out is basically the Sikhism's creation theory. Guru Sahib says that there was no existence , which actually means that there was no material existence because material requires space. Broadly speaking it means that there was not even space coz there was no need for it as there was no creation at all. Everything was in God. Aakashic ethers in this line is referring to the endless sky which we see through our eyes day and night.

Nether worlds refer to the "pataals" meaning the world below Earth it is elucidating the Indian philosophy in which it is believed that our Universe is comprised of fourteen worlds or planes of existence. The Earthly plane of existence is the seventh plane. Six planes are below Earth and seven are above the Earth. Nether refers to the Worlds below the Earth where existence dwells in various forms (as believed by Vedic scholars)usually Pataals are equated with hells because the show of materialism and ego never ends there, it is also believed that below the lowest pataal (1st from below) there are many planets where purgatory work of souls takes place all of these planes are called as underworld and the triloka or three worlds means the Earth, bhuvarloka just above Earth and Swarga Loka popularly referred to as heavenly World where after death the souls go in their ethereal form to enjoy the fruits of their good deeds.

Summarizing Guru Sahib is saying that "what to talk about Earth and it's living & non living beings, even the heavens, hells, nether worlds all that which we can imagine in some form wasn't existing. There was only Waheguru and Waheguru.

2013-11-25 13:34:15 -0600 answered a question Do we sikhs believe in black magic?

Dear @karmicbond your story is an extraordinary account of a very ordinary practice which is prominent not only in India but all over the World, ordinary in the sense that many people use it as a tool to avenge someone or to gain something and I agree with you that it’s really sad that most of Sikhs turn a blind eye towards this issue giving an excuse of “out of Sikhi” or “not allowed in Sikhism” by tagging it as a nonsense or a superstition giving some scientific explanation in this context hence riding in the same boat with the atheists. According to me Sikhism is ardent believer of not only ghosts/evil spirits but also of various types of characters & places talked about in the bible, Ved, Quran etc. like angels, demons, hell & heaven , spirit world.

The black magic is a kind of malpractice prominent in our World. The concept of it is very simple. Let’s see it practically if humans want to avenge another human physically what worst he could do, he will hire some contract killers who are evil in nature give them some money for killing or harming a particular person. The black magic dwells on almost same lines the only difference is that here the harm is done to the spirit or jeevatama of that person by taking the help of evil spirits. It may sound like nonsense but it is a reality. We have a Jyotish Vidya, Vaastu Vidya and various types of Vidyas in our culture similarly we have tantra vidya through which some mantras can be used to empower the evil spirits directing them to attack a person spiritually. When it’s successful, victims start experiencing bad dreams, hallucinations, ill luck , deteriorating health anything which can be done to harm the spirit of the person and once the spirit gets harmed it’s easy to get control of the person as his/her body too suffers hence resulting in possessions.

Talking about Sikhism the ghosts have always been described as the creation of god just as human beings and various other beings, one comes across this many times in SGGS, just an example in Sukhmani sahib the tenth Ashtpadi describes god’s creation in the most succinct way , here gurusahib writes clearly about the creation of God and it’s various forms, he mentions in the fifth verse “kai kot bhoot, prêt, sukar , mrigach” meaning many millions are ghosts, evil spirits , pigs , tigers. So it is clear that in Sikhism they haven’t been disapproved of, they are a part of creation. So if evil spirits exists so as the black magic. It’s just like taming the tiger to prepare him for the circus show, now how stupid will it look if someone says that tiger exists but they are man’s bitterest enemy so they can’t be tamed. In the same manner the powerful mantras used by taantrics or occultists can tame the ghosts.

Regarding solutions, I ... (more)

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2013-06-15 16:10:46 -0600 answered a question Baldness within the Sikh community.

No it doesn't carry any negative meaning.. it's natural may be with age or sometimes result of some disease. Sikhs are prohibited to cut their hairs as they are natural form given to the humans by God. In same manner baldness can be perceived as natural, a Sikh is required to cover their head. Like my grandfather became bald in his early 80s but he use to wear turban. Well, the religion can also be interesting to you if you look at it from a spiritual perspective. The essential message of Sikhism is Oneness with the creator God , all humans must try to achieve this in present life only.

2013-06-15 12:55:17 -0600 asked a question Concept of Ghosts in Sikhism

I like to ask the views of belief in ghosts in Sikhism , is it real? Does Sikhism approve of paranormal? we may get conflicting views and many times apparently opposite. But Gurbani talks about it , in Sukhmani sahib paath we read the lines:

Kai Kot Jachh Kinnar Pishach, Kai kot Bhot Pret Sukar Mrigach

Interestingly I read a story of a Sikh lady who experienced paranormal activities in her in-laws' house just after 6 days of marriage , below is the link: (underscore after 2009, 08 , 15)

though it is long , some may find it boring , but it was interesting to read her experiences and her efforts to resolve it.

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2013-06-09 12:38:11 -0600 asked a question The lost Sikhs of Punjab

not that I hate Punjab , not that I am not a Punjabi , not that I have issues with it's infrastructure & it's development... but yes I have major issues with the way the main religion of the state (Sikhism )is getting eroded day by day... I often keep on visiting Patiala , Ludhiana where my cousins live (I am from Del) I find it shocking that the youngsters have completely forgotten their roots.. All the nonsense of show off has got so deep into the psyche of people that I really feel sorry and sad that our Sikhi has come down to such low levels and that too in our religion's place of birth. Then there is a menace of Drugs , foeticide of girl child that's gripping the state (more particularly the countryside) as the time progresses.

The problems that I find mostly with youngsters are: 1)Excessive obsession with showing off be it clothes , Automobiles , digital accessories , properties 2.) Too much of drinking habit, and that too along with family 3.)No interest at all(neither showing nor having) in matters related to sikhi 4.)Justifying Sikhi by some or the other way as per one's convenience e.g. cutting hairs and saying "Sikhi must be in heart" , hurling abuses at other Sikhs particularly on the basis of cast (e.g. Jatts, pappes, chamar) and justifying oneself as pure/true Sikhs like I have seen some Jatts cutting hairs and purely materialistic in nature saying that pappes are cowards , chamars must be kept at a distance.... similarly the so called pappes like khatris, aroras etc. accusing jatts of corrupting religion because "we are the Great ones keeping the Sikhi Swaroop intact ,JUST coz we keep hairs while they don't", the Ramgarias longing for Ramgaria Spouse for their daughter & son. It startles and forces me to think that is this what our gurus taught us? 5.) Believing in Deras, babas hence drifting from essential teachings of SGGS

These are just some , I apologise for hurting , but this is just what I felt from my repeated experiences from visits to Punjab and also what my mamas, maasis keep on telling me... There are also many bigger isuues related to the problems of Society , but my point is that afterall how long the same things will go on and on can't there be a stop to all this every 20 years our Punjab is always at the loggerheads with some problem or the other and that leaves a deep impact on Sikhs as they are the largest in Punjab.. after partition the Punjabi Suba problem, then after a breif lull the worst era of terrorism of 80s , it somehow ended in early 90s , and agian we are faced with gravest problem of Drug abuse , farmer suicide , female foeticide that's again threatening the very base of Sikhi again.. The filthy Punjabi Songs being another major reason for me(though music has been the spirit of Punjab but ... (more)

2013-06-09 11:49:36 -0600 answered a question how can i download shabad????

U can download it from the website it's amazing

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2013-06-06 13:40:27 -0600 asked a question Doubts about Max arthur macauliffe's Work?

Sat Sri Akal, I want to read the works of Mr Macauliffe for Sikhism. Have read some excerpts from various websites and I liked it , but at the same time heard a lot about it's criticism too.. I want to ask should his work be read by a Sikh (pls don't take me wrong , I read somewhere that his work is opposite to that of Sikhism). Will his books articulate on JANAM SAKHIS of our Gurus as well. Also, what other works can be recommended for getting into the concept of Sikhism. (other than Khushwant Singh, as I have read it already) I will be thankful for your valuable feedback.

2013-06-06 13:27:25 -0600 answered a question will sikhs survive

Guruka Singh , You have made an accurate statement about the condition of the present day Sikh youth, according to me the blame lies in the fashion statement of the present generation. Today's it's a "chee chee" to keep hairs , more particularly beards, a time when waxing has become so prominent and the chest hair is no more a sign of masculinity but rather uncleanliness how can you expect Sikhs to be untouched from it. The Sikh Girls are watching the same Hollywood ,bollywood which the rest of the world is watching , at a time when showing off of men's cleavage without hairs and bragging of your 6-8 pac abs has become a trend and Sikh Girls are witnessing this trend in front of them find it difficult to keep their feelings intact for their Sikhi. Singhniaas who go the school colleges find their counterparts dreaming of their ideal man to be like Tom Cruise, dating "chikna mundaas" they feel a sense of helplessness when they think that they have to find a Sikh guy who's full of hairs as a result they start developing a heinous mentality about their own rehat and Sikhism , a few ones who have a broad sense of thinking and love for their Guru never even entertain these thoughts in their minds, sadly the numbers of these Sikhniaas are very low hence we find that majority sikh girls turning towards Clean Shaven guys hence deviating from the original path.

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Jaskaran ji , I have same dilemma when I see from my own eyes the qautleaam of kesh by Sikhs.. one thing is for sure that it is really difficult to justify one's action , now if someone has cut his hair but is a good person at heart , recites Gurbani and refrains from deceits and mayajaal, but on the other hand we find a sikh who keeps his hairs uncut but gets indulged in all sorts of nonsensical activities and hardly recites Gurbaani tell me how we will say that who is right or wrong? I have had discussions with many gursikhs, khathavaachaks, gianis on this part and evryone has his/her own point of view , but one thing is for sure that whole issues zeroes in on the question of identity, it's not hidden that after chopping of hairs one feels the same as any other person of different religion so there won't be any kind of moral obligation within his consciousness to visit gurdwara or recite gurbani, so indirectly we find that many people get detached from Gurbani and simultaneously visits Temples , churches and as a result the no. of people are getting drastically reduced to save our culture and heritage of Sikhism which is indeed a moral responsibility of every sikh. Now , I have seen personally a gursikh cutting his hairs giving an excuse that "Sikhi should be in heart" but when I met him recently almost after 2 years of incident , he tells me that he has become a Hanuman Bhakt and recites hanuman chaleesa daily , now this is not only one but I have heard many such instances of Gursikhs getting drawn towards Christianity in West after chopping of hairs. I am not against Hanuman Bhakti or Christianity I respect every religion but the thing is isn't it morally wrong that when we are given birth in some family we have an obligation to protect it's religious heritage as we are already very small in numbers as compared to other major communities And once we get to know the greatness of Guru Granth Sahib by reciting it regularly we naturally get attracted towards it's teaching and hence don't bother about others. Sadly , in Punjab the situation has come to such an extent that now the religious people have started persuading the young Gursikhs of at Least keeping Turban so that our identity is kept intact and youngsters don't get carried away by the manmukhi avasthaa.

2013-05-26 18:42:32 -0600 answered a question can it be possible

Yes it is possible, it is probably NDE (Near Death Experience) lots of people have reported it in India and elsewhere in the world , but don't assume it to be an actual situation after death coz it may vary as Kanwaljit Singh above has rightly pointed out that people see different things in this state as per their teachings and culture.

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2013-05-26 18:32:59 -0600 answered a question Did Guru Gobind Singhji Came from Sachkhand?

Sandeep Singhji , Thank you so much for your assistance in trying to solve the question I too feel that it is never easy to answer it , but my point is specific, Guru Sahib mentions in Bachhitar Natak that after intense meditation at Hemkunt he became one with god and after that he received the commandment from God , but there when he says that he became one with God that's where this average Human mind seeks answer out of curiosity, did he went back to the abode of Akal Purakh or was it just his surati that became one with God. I believe that he had actually left his body of Hemkunt and was in that realm of truth (Sach Khand) Because he doesn't specify the exact situation and then Guruji writes that he took birth in Kaljug.

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2013-05-23 13:16:18 -0600 asked a question Did Guru Gobind Singhji Came from Sachkhand?

This is a question related to the rachnaas of Guru Gobind Singh ji. It is fascinating to read Jaap Sahib in which Guru Sahib defines god i.e he is timeless, formless, colorless and everywhere (in a gist) and even Vedas have not found his mysteries. My question is was Guru Sahib as he describes in his previous incarnation when he meditated in Hemkunt Sahib has reached SachKhand (where Niranakar resides) and personally felt the omnipresent god himself or it was just as he reached that avastha that he was able to talk to god in the previous incarnation in that body? Like when he writes "chit na bhayo hamro avan ki" is he describing that position in the actual realm of sachkhand or just in the body?