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I have faced the same problem. my mother was given arsenic poison by my father. she survived but had physical issues and finally succumbed to cancer. he had in the meantime been living with a woman and had a son by her when my mother was alive. he never looked after my brother and me . we had to live on charity of our relatives . i am settled now but the memories are painful. whenever i have needed help and i have been desperate, i have prayed to the waheguru to help me as a father and i have been helped. so trust in waheguru . he will look after you in his own way. sometimes we are not destined to receive our biological father's love. you will have to come to terms with it and move on in life. interestingly my father is still alive and is very rich.

2013-05-19 08:00:22 -0600 asked a question The whole world seems to be against me right now

the whole world seems to be against me right now. . i know Waheguru is my greatest strength but how do i endure this terrifying time. whenever anything negative has happened in my life, i later realised that it was a blessing in disguise. now i am broken and want to pray to waheguru not to test me any more. i long for kindness from my so called friends and relatives, my troubles are not of my own making. please pray for me