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2013-05-12 10:09:38 -0500 asked a question Can amritdhari girl can do marriage with non amritdhari guy?

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,'

I am an amritdhari girl there was 1 guy who proposed me long back & i rejected his proposal because of family problems and restrictions. After 3-4 months when there was no conversation at all I said him Yes for his proposal. He said No its not possible nw & I askd the main reason behind that he said that I cant be amritdhari because its very difficult to follow all this & my family r not expecting an amritdhari girl in our house. When I askd him tht thn why u proposed me he said I love you bt i cant be amritdhari.if u love me then be non-amritdhari for me. I said him I cant do this because for me my everything is my raab & bec of him we met each other. Just a simple question please reply how he can be amrithdari because I am not in contact with him. He said me tht i shd never call or msg him. How he can change & be back in my life. Wht shd I do bec 1 side my raab is there & other side he. Please give a proper solution. Waiting for your reply.