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We often feel that this person should behave this way or that way to have a better life. It comes from good feelings for the person and we feel sad when we see others not understanding our point of view. However the biggest fact that we fail to understand is that we life our lives per WAHEGURUs hukam. HUKME ANDAR SAB KO BAHAR HUKAM NA KOE. Whatever she is doing or behaving is a part of that hukam that she and you are destined for. If you are meant to be together nothing can stop and if not then all efforts are futile. Focus on carrying on a value based life and leave the rest to Almighty. He knows what is best for us. Have faith. Satnam.

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Man is known by the company he keeps. If you like to feel calmness then find the place and people where calmness dwells. Look fora sangat in your area so can sing the gurus bani together with the sangat and do seva and simran. The virtues will start to overcome the vices. As your actions would change your state of mind. Because SUKH DUKH IS MAN KI BIRTHA pain and pleasure is a state of mind.