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Wjkk wjkf I’m a 14 year female who is not amridhari but I keep the hair on my head and don’t do my eyebrows. I also don’t shave anywhere on my body because I don’t feel the need to wear revealing clothing. The only hair I remove is the hair on my upper lip. Starting from second grade I was always taunted by other kids for having a “moustache” and was called a man. I always feel so uncomfortable when I let my upper lip hair grow out. Does this make me a bad sikh? I am willing to keep all hair on my body except for my upper lip. Even when I am home alone and there is hair on my upper lip, I feel uncomfortable and ugly. Does this mean that I will go to hell since I’m not following all rules of sikhi? I pray, am vegetarian, do good deeds and work hard in school but I always feel bad about removing my upper lip hair, however I can’t get myself to stop removing it! Please help, does this make me a bad sikh?