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2018-07-11 05:05:02 -0600 answered a question Amritdhari singh and muslim girl

Baagi Singh, are you not aware that Muslims would be so annoyed to read all this non-sense. In Islam, Sikh girls are allowed to marry Muslim boys and convert to Islam but not the other way, Muslim girls are not allowed to marry Sikh boys.

Fatwa must be issued against you for hurting the Collective Muslims. Your stupidity might trigger Muslim-Sikh riots in the country in which you live.

2018-04-19 07:22:13 -0600 answered a question animal slaughter in movie chaar sahiabjaade rise of banda singh bhadur

My girlfriend's name too is Jaspreet, she's an Ex-Sardarni but now she is known by the name Sana after she embraced Islam. She even wears Hijab, she looks so cute in Hijab.

Soon we are getting married as per Islamic traditions.

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2018-03-21 13:04:28 -0600 answered a question mom forcing me to worship pir or peer when we are sikh

Your Mom is doing an excellent job. My girlfriend is a Sardarni but she regularly goes to the Dargah. Lots of Sardars and Sardarnis in the Kashmir valley have started going to the Dargah.

As mentioned by Guruka Singh, Pir means Sufi Master. Sardars and Sardarnis have so much of respect for the Pir Baba's that some of them have even converted to Islam.

So sb27, listen to your Mom because your Mom is taking you to the right track, don't be upset.

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2018-03-13 02:32:39 -0600 commented answer a Kashmiri Muslim asks about Abortion

Walaikum Salam. My girlfriend is a Sardarni, she is pregnant. So shall I advise her to go for abortion?

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2018-03-12 02:58:41 -0600 answered a question a Kashmiri Muslim asks about Abortion

It seems none from the Sikh community has got the answer.

Disgrace on all the Sikhs.

2018-03-12 02:52:44 -0600 answered a question Error in Rehiras Sahib text on SikhNet

No answer.

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2018-03-09 03:49:55 -0600 asked a question a Kashmiri Muslim asks about Abortion

Salaam to all Sikhs,

My question is, Is Abortion allowed in Sikhism? If yes then under what circumstances and if no, then why no? Is it allowed only in cases where women are married or is it allowed for single women too?

Please explain with full details.