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2018-03-08 00:03:22 -0600 commented answer is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

Sangat_Pangat, there is no more harm in being homosexual than heterosexual, just as there is no more harm in having blue eyes than brown. How a person conducts themselves, and how they treat others, is of far more consequence than their orientation or their eye colour will ever be.

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I find this really helpful. I do not get questioned about caste, but sometimes feel devalued regarding other more trivial matters. Instead of working on my inner strength, I end up thinking poorly of myself. Your advice here about building inner strength would help me a lot. Thank you Strong Kaur!

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This is a very difficult question to respond to. In my culture - North American - it would be considered unethical for me to ask a relative to intervene on my friends behalf. Why? because it would give him unfair advantage that others taking the same classes would not have. So, for me, I would most likely need to set boundaries with him and tell him that I cannot interfere with the principal's process. The risk, though, is that he may be very angry with me and may end our friendship. Even if I told him that he is very important to me, and that the reason I cannot assist him, is because I cannot corrupt the integrity of my relative by tempting him to intervene in a case that is not ethically one he can interfere with.

It is not easy, but I wish you all the best in however you decide to approach this moral dilemma.

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Sanjlon, I am praying that guru blesses you with clear guidance on how to proceed. Your children are very blessed to have you as their father and looking out for their needs. Your inlaws are blessed to have you looking out for their grandchildren's needs. This is a long journey. My thoughts are with you and your whole family.

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Nicely put, and totally in keeping with Guru Nanak's intentions.

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See Find a Sikh LGBT resource. Stay true to your Sikh self. God loves you Pav, and wants you to treat all, *yourself included* with respect and love! Treat anyone you are seeing, with the respect you would a betrothed, and expect no less from them! Blessings, Sue

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2018-03-03 16:33:37 -0600 answered a question is homosexuality allowed in sikhism? yes or no?

I'm finding these responses rather surprising. I'm very grateful Pav, that you raised this question. Especially for the young homosexual/lgbt people who may fear they are not included in God's love. They need to know the truth: "Everyone is equal before God." My knowledge of Sikhi is very new. But am I wrong to believe that: blue eyes / Irish / meat-eaters / vegetarians / heterosexuals / homosexuals / are welcomed in Sikhism? In my very humble and 'not-so-learned' opinion, if Guru Nanak said "There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim. We are all one", I believe he also says, 'there is no male, there is no female, there is no caste, there is no heterosexual, there is no homosexual. We are all one.' And I believe the first intention of starting Sikhism was to say goodbye to divisive and exclusionary religious practices.

Are there actions that are decidedly not Sikhi? Yes! I would say anytime someone - regardless of their nationality or sexuality or caste or other label - treats others with dishonour or dis-respect - their actions are decidedly not Sikhi

I saw this on a web page about Sikhism:

"There is only one God. God is without form, or gender. Everyone has direct access to God. Everyone is equal before God. A good life is lived as part of a community, by living honestly and caring for others. Empty religious rituals and superstitions have no value."

I believe 'Everyone' means 'Everyone'